Romantic And Emotional Wedding Photo Ideas That You Should Try

By Swindon Link - 9 September 2021


The wedding is certainly one of the most important moments for any couple. It is where the deep love between the couples is shown clearly to everyone, especially with their photos. There are many ways that photographers can make more romantic and emotional wedding photos that will touch the hearts of everyone looking at them. Here are some romantic ideas that will turn your wedding photo session into real art.

Just Married

Everyone likes to put a sign on their car during the wedding, so why not do it with your photos too?  Try to make it with letters composed of rose petals or small candles. The sign can be written by the couple themselves, but you can also do this for them if they are too busy to think about it. It might sound cliché, but it is very romantic. This is an easy one to do for a professional photographer, but you can always bring the idea to another level and make it more personal by using some of your personal belongings. It can be done with or without a car, but you must make sure that the background is appealing enough to make this picture look amazing.

Under The Starry Sky

It is good to add some decoration, such as flowers and candles. Take your photos when you are in a place where there is no light but the stars and moon. You will need two people to do this: one person holds a flashlight or small candle under their chin while looking straight at the camera, and another person takes the photo. You can use any type of decoration for this, but it is recommended that you use things that are not too bright. For example, flowers and petals lighted by the moonlight will be perfect for this romantic photo idea.

With The Nature

Nature offers a lot of inspiration to photographers. If you are shooting during the day, plants and flowers can give your photos that special touch that everyone would fall in love with. You might have to think about these photos very carefully if you don't want them to look too cliché. So instead of using flowery decorations, try something different like a branch of leaves. Another great idea is to have the couple sitting on fallen flowers or fruits, like apples or cherries. It will look really beautiful, especially if you are shooting on a sunny day.


With The Buddies

Every couple has some close friends in their life that they love to spend time with. To show your friendship, take this photoshoot in between the groomsmen and bridesmaids. You can even choose a prop if you want to make it more interesting for viewers. For example, you can see how the bride is holding a glass of wine, and another groom has a beer bottle in his hands.  It is a cute idea and will make your wedding photos more memorable not only for you but for the friends in the couple's life as well. Also,  it will make your pictures look like a group photo too.

With The Pets

Yes, some couples indeed have pets, and mostly those are the people who love animals. It would be a good idea to take your photos with your beloved pets as well.  There are many ways to pose for this one, but we recommend using the props we mentioned above for this photo session too. You can show how much you love your pets by holding them close to your body. We love this one because it will show how close you are to your friends and family members. Besides,  most people will love these photos because animals are something they can't resist.

Mirror Image

If you want to make your wedding album more artistic, then this will be the best choice ever for you. Both of the lovebirds have their backs straight with heads facing forward and one behind the other with arms around each other's waistline. It will make your wedding album picture look romantic.  There are many variations to this idea, but they all have the same concept. For example, you can try to change the pose by letting one person place his or her head on your shoulder while both of you are looking in the mirror.

Romantic Candlelight Dinner For Two

You can also do some more fun things with your photos if you want to. For example, you can make a romantic candlelight dinner for two. This photo idea will require some preparation and planning, but it is worth it. You need to search for the best restaurant that enables you to take photos with candles, flowers, and wine glasses (if you want). The background should be well lit but not too bright, so you can take your time to pose for this one. Also, keep in mind that the dress should look formal and have a good color tone so it won't look too dark when the photo is being taken.


Conclusively,  the key to a good romantic photo is the concept. So if you want to take some nice photos for your wedding album, then consider these ideas and make them more personal too. You can even try more than one of these wonderful concepts, and that would be great as well because each one will show how creative you are!

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