Looking for Things to Do When Bored with Friends?

By Jamie Hill - 5 May 2020

Arts and Culture

You might be feeling utterly bored now, like most people who are stuck at home. But look at the bright side, at least you’re with friends! If you’re looking for things to do when bored with friends, we can help. Whether you’re looking for activities for when you can finally see friends again, or you’re currently bored with at home, you’ll find this list helpful. We’re sure you don’t need a list to tell you about Netflix or Amazon Prime, but we could all use some ideas about which shows to watch.

Things to Do When Bored with Friends – Food!

One of the best things to do when bored with friends is to enjoy good food. After all, food has a way of bringing people together. All over the world, friendships have formed through the love of different cuisines. If you’re not spending this downtime cooking together, you and your friends are missing out on some seriously good times. Not to mention all the excellent food you can be eating.

Don’t indulge in store-bought snacks when you can make better versions right at home. For example, baking cookies and cakes can be one of the most entertaining and fun things to do with friends when bored.

If you’re out of ideas about what to make, we have the ultimate solution. Did you know that many of your favorite establishments released beloved recipes to the public? For instance, the Doubletree hotel released its decadent chocolate chip cookie recipe, and Disney world published their recipe for beignets!

Have A Themed Movie Marathon

Now that you’ve spent the day making delicious snacks per our first suggestion, it’s time to sit back and enjoy them.  Along the same vein of the above, often, good friends are joined by a shared love of particular genres or specific shows and movies. And these make for the ultimate fun things to do when bored with friends.

Now is the perfect time to indulge your love of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or whatever else you and your friends love. Stop scouring Netflix for new shows and movies and have a throwback night where you can enjoy an old favorite all over again.

If you want some ideas for new shows, we’ve prepared a list below of the top-rated shows of 2020. 

Here are a few ideas for your next binge-fest:

  • Vikings
  • Westworld
  • The Handmaid’s Tale
  • Altered
  • Tiger King
  • Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist
  • Ozark
  • Little Fires Everywhere
  • Doctor Who
  • Home Before Dark
  • World on Fire

We could think of a million more best dealing with quarantine solutions, but none are better than spending quality time with loved ones. Many of us are feeling a great deal of pressure with work, productivity, and keeping up with our social lives.

For some, this could be a much-needed break to go back to the simple ways to enjoy free time. Nothing could be better than partaking in your favorite foods and catching up on some of your favorite movies or tv shows.

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