REVIEW: Five Guys named 'Meh'

By Jamie Hill - 5 March 2020

Food & Drink

With the recent opening of Five Guys in The Outlet Village, Swindon's media seemed to go into a tailspin of fauning adulation of the burger brand so we thought we should take a look to see if it's all it's cracked up to be. Review by Jamie Hill

First of all I've got to say the burgers at Five Guys were delicious and the milkshakes were genuinely out of this world.

It's a simple set up not unlike we've seen before at countless other fast food restaurants. You queue to order and pay and then you go to a collection point for your food to be handed over.

One problem that became immediately apparent was that this newly opened restaurant was suffering from a few teething problems as we had to wait ten minutes longer for our milkshakes than our food. But this is understandable in a new setting whilst staff and managers find their feet.

Like the set up the menu was simple too consisting of burgers, dogs and shakes. Over the last few years the Five Guys brand has built a name for itself in the zeitgeist as a chain that offers premium quality food in a fast food environment. And this is something that I do agree with. They are not the best burgers you've ever tasted (that award would go to Old Town's Pick Up Point at The Hop) but they are definitely up there.

So all in all I shouldn't have any complaints but it is when it comes to its pricing that my hackles are raised. My cheeseburger, Five Guys fries and strawberry milkshake came to an eye-watering £18.50. To put that into perspective that's three times the price of McDonalds and two times the price of Burger King. But was it worth it?  In a word I would say 'no'.

The burger was gorgeous with quality beef but its squashed presentation didn't make it the most appetising thing to look at. The fries were 'okay' but they didn't set the world on fire. The only thing that really set my tastebuds racing was the milkshake but on its own that wasn't enough to offset the exorbitant price.

I know Five Guys will do well despite the pricing as it has such strong branding and it's good to have such a popular name in Swindon but if you're shopping with the family and want a quick fast food fix the price you would have to pay would end up being a small fortune. Your wallet would thank you more if you went to any one of the other food outlets that the shopping mall offers.

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