Wiltshire author releases new fantasy YA book

By Jamie Hill - 28 May 2020

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Wiltshire author Alexander Fox will be releasing a young adult title: Foulditch on the 29th May. And it's set to become a classic in the mold of Harry Potter.

Foulditch beckons.
Just… pass their tests and the interview. But how the heck do you get there? They aren't exactly forthcoming! In fact, they hide themselves away! So begins a quest to complete a far-from-easy and way far-from-normal admissions regime for a far-from-regular school. Foulditch College for the Gifted is a devil of a place to get to. Moreover, you're on your own - parents not permitted: no grannies, no grandads, no guardians whatsoever. Reasonable enough! If a trifle daunting… Well…
Enter Ethan Bard! A near-eleven-year-old with brains and determination, he's got it covered. He knows where to go, and correctly directs his coachman on a journey not for the weak. Battling the dark and the cold, he encounters all sorts - monsters, wraiths and sundry killer wildlife! Just when all seems lost, he bumps into Max; and a far-from-regular 'tour guide' known as Billy - a conjurer for sure, who fixes them up and feeds them, then sends them on their way… up a high and dangerous tower where further encounters ensue… and mystery piles upon threat. Freezing and nearing their limits, they struggle onwards and upwards towards their goal.
Bravely tackling insurmountable odds, they wonder if they'll make it. The going is tough. Far-from-regular tough! What was never intended was the additional encumbrance of a localised alien invasion.

About the Author

Alexander Fox studied at the University of Aberdeen, where, after four years of slogging, he qualified with a BSc in Anatomy. Determined to put his knowledge to good use, he followed through with an even longer slog towards his PhD, with the ultimate intention of teaching this stuff to science and medical students. Now a reasonably well-accomplished scientist, equipped with a set of finely honed laboratory skills, he discovered that the job was all about research with remarkably little teaching. With little hope of a lectureship, he looked for something else, and here he is, a storyteller--his best decision ever!

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