The Bar – and career in Garden Fencing – that Gary Built

By Jamie Hill - 2 September 2019

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For most of us the exhortation, Build it and They Will Come is associated with the 1989 film, Field of Dreams. In fact though, the phrase originated in The Bible. It’s God’s reply to Noah’s prayers asking from where he’d get all the animals to put into his ark.

Noah’s Ark –now there’s a task that needed some expert woodworking skills. Gary Davies of Royal Wootton Bassett didn’t build an ark but he did build Gary’s Garden Bar for the use of his family and friends. Gary’s garden bar building experience rekindled his lost love for woodwork and set him on a new career path to work with Swindon Fencing Solutions.

On the Fence? Your Guide To A Mid-Life Career Change

Gary is one of many people changing career direction mid-life and the reasons why they do are many.

The shifting sands of the 21st century workplace are one good reason. The landscape of the working world has undergone a seismic shift in recent years. The old days of one job - one life are long gone. And with new pension rules and an extended working life facing the younger generations new ways of working and living are surfacing. The gold watches or the clocks for the mantelpiece have ticked their last tock. And regular redundancies are commonplace.

Then there’s demographics. It seems we’re most of us living longer. Leaving time enough for more than one career. Several even.

Indeed, back in April 2019 the Office of National Statistics published data showing a record number of 35 - 49-year olds as overqualified for the jobs they are in. Further, 18.9% of this age group are now considered overeducated for their current roles. Recruitment experts and sociologists attribute the figures to an increasing trend for this age group to move into a different career sector. Though, as we’ve seen, this isn’t always a matter of choice. Also influencing this figure is the rising pressure of recent years to attend university rather than follow other routes into employment.

So, if you’ve ever felt that sinking Sunday evening back-to-work-tomorrow feeling and wondered if you really can forge a second career – the evidence is strong. Yes. You can.

As Gary has demonstrated so well!

After a decade working in the leisure industry, Gary grew tired of the middle management treadmill and decided on a change of direction. His personal epiphany came in 2018 when he decided to install a hot tub, decking and a bar in his back garden and create his eponymous garden bar.  In so doing, Gary rediscovered his long-buried passion for woodwork, leading to him joining the team at Swindon Fencing Solutions.

Said Gary about his change of direction: "The change in direction has been a big challenge but I’ve enjoyed every day. Today I work with the team to install all types of garden fencing and decking. Our contracts are diverse and include fence panels, closeboard and picket fencing … and the occasional garden bar by request’.

A family-run business of some twenty years standing, Swindon Fencing Solutions £offer a range of carpentry and landscaping services in Swindon and Wiltshire. Their services nclude installing and repairing fences, building decking and installing garden and security gates.

This article was written by Angela Atkinson, blogger and author of Secret Swindon and Swindon in 50 Buildings.

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