Be Happy: 10 Simple Exercises for a Good Mood Advised by Swindon Doctors

By Swindon Link - 13 September 2021

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Today all the doctors, trainers, and even bloggers are constantly talking about the benefits of exercise.

And for the most part, everyone mentally agrees with them, but they don't take any action to increase their activity, continuing to lie in bed, have fun on or watch soap operas.  But perhaps you'll be motivated if you learn that exercise can have a positive effect not only on our health but also on our mood. And it really does. Scientists have long since discovered this correlation. And so that you can see for yourself that this is really true, we have collected for you a selection of the most effective physical exercises to raise your mood. But not only that. 

How Exercise Can Help Me

Before we get into action, we need to understand exactly how physical and other exercise affects our mood. Let's start with sports. Physical activity is a natural stimulus for the production of a substance in our bodies such as endorphins. They help us feel more energetic and alert and increase our level of joy. Their producer is the brain, which wants to make exercise more enjoyable and easier for us. So, even if you start a workout in your worst mood, you will still feel mentally better after exercise. In fact, endorphins are natural opiates, but unlike synthetic ones, they have no adverse effect on our health and are not addictive.


Now that we've cleared that up, we can move on to methods and exercises that will allow us to take control of our mood management.

5 Exercises for Joy and Happiness

The author of this simple complex, accessible to absolutely everyone, is psychotherapist Carlos Coto, who specializes in energy psychology. Therefore, it is essentially a combination of physical and psychological exercises to lift your mood. But that only makes them even more effective.


  • Walk. When we are depressed, negative emotions "push" us to the ground. A bouncy gait is out of the question. We just drag our feet on the ground, shuffling our shoes. To overcome this, walk on tiptoes for a few minutes. During this time, try to stretch into a string, as if you were trying to fly upwards.


  • Jump around. This exercise is known to many from school. You need to stand with your feet together and slightly bent at the knees, hands at your seams. From this position perform a jump, during which at the same time spread your legs wider than your shoulders and make a clap with your hands over your head, and then return to the starting position. Fifteen to twenty repetitions will help you get your blood pumping and feel energized.


  • Become Superman. Have you noticed that superheroes never slouch? Their posture always radiates maximum confidence. In this exercise, you need to feel like superman. Stand in a stable pose, straighten your back, and straighten your chest. You can also put your hands on your belt to enhance the effect and play upbeat or inspirational music.


  • Celebrate. Raise your arms up as if you've won something, don't let them hang there hanging limply. It may seem strange to you, so find a reason. You can celebrate that you are healthy, that you have friends and family, a job you love, or just that it's a sunny day and beautiful weather. There is always a reason to be happy.


  • Smile. Just stand there and smile. The brain will automatically begin to think that you really have a reason for it and give the body the appropriate signals. And after a few minutes, you'll realize that you really do feel better.


As a last resort, you can always take a simple walk down the street or through the park. A short walk has the same miraculous effect, helping to clear your head and feel calmer. Well, if you start to fully engage in sports or dance, you will have a regular source of positive emotions.


Top 5 Exercises From Yoga That Will Make You Feel Better

Yoga is at the peak of popularity today and absolutely deservedly so. It is extremely useful for getting in shape physically and mentally. But even if you have never practiced it, that's no reason to stay away now. The exercises for good mood below can be performed without any training.


  • Camel pose. Stand on your knees, with your shins and hips placed pelvic width apart. Press your ankles and toes firmly to the floor. Then slowly straighten up, remaining on your knees, and bend backward, but not too much. Your hands should be your support - put your palms with fingers down on the lower back. Stay in this pose for a few minutes.


  • Bow pose. Lie on your stomach, stretch your arms along your body, bend your knees perpendicular to the floor - heels facing the ceiling. As you inhale, lift your head, shoulders, and chest to a comfortable height. Hold the position as long as you can.


  • Fish pose. Lie on your back, stretch your legs, put your arms along your body. As you inhale, lift your chest and head up, resting on your elbows. The back of your head and the top of your head should be against the floor. Hold this position for ten breaths.


  • Child's pose. Stand on all fours, with your legs apart to the width of the pelvis. Then lower your buttocks on the shins, leaving your arms stretched forward, stretch softly or just sit in this pose for a few minutes.


  • Bridge pose. This is a lighter version of the bridge pose that many of us did in gym class. Lie on your back, bend your knees at pelvic width, put your hands along your body. Arch your back with your pelvis up, but make sure your head, neck, shoulders, and arms are not off the floor.


Be careful when doing these exercises if you have injuries or diseases of the neck and back. If you feel the slightest discomfort, stop doing them. They are also not recommended for pregnant women.


Tip. Sometimes our mood does not want to rise in spite of any efforts on our part, it means that the problem is more serious than just a bad mood. Most likely you are in a state of prolonged stress. In this case, it is recommended to take a course of medication to balance your emotions. It will help you to quickly regain your good spirits, clear your thoughts and find the strength to solve problems.

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