6 Good Reasons That Will Compel You To Get A Hair Transplant Right Away

By Staff Reporter - 20 March 2021

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A hair transplant is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is done by taking hair from thicker parts of the body and grafting it to the thinning part of the scalp. The mention of hair transplant surgery typically conjures up laughable imagery of unnatural-looking hair sticking out of the scalp.


Because of massive technological advancements in the science of hair transplant surgery, this reputation is no longer applicable. Here are 6 excellent reasons why you should get a hair transplant right away!

It Is A Non-Invasive Surgery 

The procedure is performed with local anesthetic and not general anesthesia. This means that you won't lose consciousness, or feel pain, and there’s no need to stay the night. 

There are two types:

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) method

- A thin strip of hairy skin is removed from the back of your head and stitched back up

- This is divided into pieces called hair grafts

- The hair grafts are inserted into tiny cuts made in the scalp 

Your head is not shaved, only the area where the skin is cut is trimmed. The scar will be invisible as it will be covered by your hair. 

Follicular unit extraction (FUE)

- The donor area of the head is shaved

- Hairs are removed 1 by 1 in grafts

- The grafts are inserted into tiny cuts made in the scalp

You’ll have only tiny, barely noticeable scars.

The Recovery Time Is Very Short

After non-invasive hair transplant surgery, you’ll be fully functional in days. Most people go back to work on the third day after surgery. 

Here is the doctor-approved recovery timeline:


- Day 2 to 5: bandages are removed

- Day 6: you should be able to wash your hair if you're gentle 

- Day 10 to 14: stitches are removed

You Need To Have Enough Hair To Donate

As explained, the procedure uses your hair to fill the gaps. Thus, the longer you wait, the less hair there’ll be to go around. It is possible to wait too long and miss your chance. 

Using another person’s hair for the transplant is not an option because the hair used must match your DNA. Using someone else’s hair means the procedure will fail because your body will reject foreign hair follicles. 

Even hair from other parts of your body is not advised, as there is another risk of failure. The chances of transplanted hair from your body growing on your head are less than 50%. 

Plus, there is a higher risk of cyst and scar formation. Remember that body hair does not match head hair. 

The Hair Is Completely Natural

Years ago, the surgery for hair transplants was a much less sophisticated “hair plug” procedure that transplanted hair in plugs of several follicles frazzled, unusual-looking hair. 

Now, your hairline will look completely natural and your hair can be treated exactly as before. This means you can condition, shampoo, trim and style your hair just as before the surgery.

The result of the transplant surgery is that your roots will grow hair that blends perfectly and naturally, matching the look, feel, color, and texture of your existing hair. It is your old hair grown out after all. 

The New Hair Is Permanent 

The new hair won’t fall out. As the team at Gro Clinics explain, 2 to 3 weeks after the surgery patients experience what is known as shock loss. It is a common process that means that the hair is shedding to give way to healthier hair. 

Shock shedding occurs in the planting stage and is an unnecessary source of worry after the transplant.  After this stage, the actual growth process begins. The majority of the new hair grows in a matter of months. 

This new thick hair is permanent because it is specially extracted from regions on the head where hair loss does not occur, such as the back of the scalp or the sides of the hair. Thus, this hair is genetically wired not to fall out.

Having A Full Head Of Hair Again Will Be Good For Your Mental Health

Research confirms that loss of hair is psychologically damaging, often causing personal, social, and work-related problems. 


Hair loss changes a person's looks, which results in a feeling of failing to conform to the socially accepted standard of beauty. Hair transplant surgery is a substantial source of mental relief. Hair loss is often caused by medical reasons, so over-the-counter shampoos and ointments are unlikely to reverse the process. Hair transplant surgery is a painless way of permanently solving the problem.


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