Swindon Dance invites people to latest performance in streaming series

By Barrie Hudson - 10 November 2022

Arts and Culture

Tangled Dance Company was today preparing to stream its Roots & Anchors piece.

Due to be streamed at no charge this evening - Thursday, 10 November - at 7pm, the work tells the story of two nomadic wanderers.

They explore new lands, looking to set down fresh roots, and no matter where they travel their native culture is carried with them. 

Roots & Anchors is billed as a celebration of cultural diversity in our cities, a dynamic duet drawing from various aspects of one’s culture and the layers that combine to build our roots and foundations.

The show is the second in a series started by Swindon Dance when it looked for four artists to create dance films to be shared through its online platform. 

The winners were AWA Dance, Banxy, Henry Labrada Rodriguez, and Tangled Dance Company, and each individual artist worked with a team to devise a piece on their chosen topic. 

Banxy's film, Hip Hop Knights, was be available to stream on 3 November. 

Henry Labrada Rodriguez's film, Lost in Parameterizition, will be available on 17 November, and is described as telling the story of a character's alienation from society and identity."

AWA Dance's devised piece, Let Them Eat Cake, is currently available on Swindon Dance's online platform, having been initially shown earlier in the year. 

Inspired by a twist on the famous phrase by the French Queen Marie Antoinette, it is a short dance film about girls' empowerment and body image positivity. Three girls rebel against how society dictates how they see themselves.

Full details can be found at https://onlineplatform.swindondance.org.uk/livestreams

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