3 Reasons to Avoid Losing Weight Fast

By Staff Reporter - 23 January 2021

Health and Beauty

People spend most of their time sitting in front of the computer.

They work, watch movies or play slots. A lack of movement decreases their health. To avoid getting seek, it's better to start eating healthy. Yet, some people get addicted and even decide to get skinnier with their diet. But never try to decrease calories to the lowest level, and here are the main reasons why.

Decreased Immune System

Diets that involve a large calorie deficit and the elimination of essential nutrients increase our susceptibility to infectious diseases. This type of diet dramatically reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals the body receives. This not only weakens the immune system but also shortens life expectancy. When a person begins a strict diet, his or her body is put under a lot of stress. As a result, the concentration of cortisol, a hormone that suppresses the natural inflammatory response to viruses and bacteria, rises in the blood. Another unpleasant consequence of stress is an increased craving for sweet and calorie-dense foods.

Mood Swings

Abrupt weight loss can deal a serious blow to the nervous system. Any extreme diet leads to a deficit of nutrients and an imbalance of some hormones. Because of this, a losing person has frequent mood swings, he becomes nervous and irritable. And the endocrine changes that accompany sudden weight loss cause depression and anxiety. This is the conclusion reached by researchers at Harvard Medical School. According to them, estrogen and oxytocin help cope with stress. And low levels of these hormones increases anxiety and causes anxious thoughts. Besides, due to the lack of calories during the express diet, the body begins to save resources. We become less active and less able to concentrate.

Weakened Skin and Wrinkles

Many fast diets provide weight loss by eliminating fluid from the body. Possible consequences include headaches, increased fatigue, dehydration, and nerve cell death. Besides, the lack of water causes swelling, tissues lose elasticity, the skin becomes dry. Also, the weight that was lost through loss of water is usually quickly regained. If a person loses dozens of kilos in a short period of time, his skin has no time to react to the changes and sags, and wrinkles become more pronounced.

Another constituent of health and beauty is fat. Most extreme diets involve drastically reducing their intake.


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