Poetry Column: A tale of two lockdown lovers

By Jamie Hill - 28 January 2021

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Poetry column with Maurice Spillane of Poetry Swindon

If you travel roads near where I live before 8am, you’ll encounter a blonde vision. The colour of her hair through the winter grey lifts the morning; the silhouette of her good posture etches her figure as she gets closer. Her partner walks beside her pushing his bike, a fine-looking young man.

We’ve swapped “good mornings” from my bicycle as we passed these last ten months. They’ve intrigued me as a couple during the lockdowns.

Last week, out of final curiosity, I stopped the lad on his way home and introduced myself.

He told me a little, enough that polite conversation with a stranger allows. They walk to the care centre for the start of her shift, then he cycles back before heading for work. How lovely is that, every morning?

That’s the story and as Valentine’s Day is nearly here, I thought I’d share it with you: two young people, clearly devoted to each other, who happen to brighten my day.

Every Valentine’s Day I encourage readers to try their hand at a few lines of poetry. If you’re lucky to have a loved one in your life, go for it. If not, take pleasure in the happiness of others.

You can always dream up the background. Isn’t that what poets should do?

Here’s my poem for that couple:


Grey mist on grey mornings along a country road

my stoop over reluctant gears tease the hill

and the potholes dare me, ready for the kill.


But look up I do, as they come into view

two young lovers who unwrap the mist

and collar the quiet as if someone said: Whisht!


We offer up smiles and greetings that uplift the day.

The road less challenging, the gears now whine,

their story unknown to me, so I fantasise mine.



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