Online Casino Trends 2021

By Staff Reporter - 15 January 2021

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When it comes to the analysis of future technological trends, one surprising area of interest is the online casino industry. If you want to know the future of any form of gaming, technology, or finances, then studying online casinos will help you to become aware of what the future holds.

What have online casinos done for us?

There is no doubt that playing online casino games comes with a lot of scepticism, gambling being very much a taboo here in the UK. But if you were to take a close look at what casinos have done thus far, you will realise the world is still to catch up or are just about making the moves to copy what they started long ago.

Gambling takes precedence over many other industries because it is entirely money-driven. Because of the financial factors and implications that come from within this industry, it is able to send out ripples of interest or success into other markets. Let’s look at one factor and that is the bitcoin. Now gaining some potential weight behind the crypto coin, which is expected to hit the $100,000 mark by the end of the year through ongoing investment, back in 2017 when casinos were becoming more open to the idea of accepting bitcoins as a form of credit, the value only came in at a market flotation of $2,000 per bitcoin.

Online casinos were amongst the first industries to capitalise on the crypto and now look at its success in only 3 or 4 years. Casinos allowed players to invest their bitcoins into their casinos, and if the player didn’t win, those casinos have now made an enormous capital growth from it.

So, bitcoin gaming is still in its infancy, only a handful of sites exist that are specially made for the crypto coin, so throughout 2021, you can certainly expect more sites to go down this route of providing a more bespoke service for bitcoin users, with specially made gaming for the coin and banking facilities to support it.

Will Brexit lead to a break-up of European casinos?

Now, not many players will have known that a majority of all online casinos are virtually ‘located’ – or licensed - within EU countries, predominately Malta. With England having left the EU, what effects have there been? Well, so far none really, but this is expected to change in time. Throughout 2021, expect online casino business within the UK to start becoming direct competition against their EU counterparts.

Tactics of online casino strategy are common in many countries across the globe, with governments capitalising on the revenue of online gambling. An example of this is seen with the online casinos in India, with one of the densest populations on the planet. Gambling in India was once illegal, but now it is becoming more commonplace. And, with the Indian government allowing gambling as long as it happens within online, rather than landbased, casinos,  the Indian gambling economy is now booming, with various job opening within the industry. We can fully expect the UK to follow suit, as post-Brexit it turns its attention and love of gambling towards itself.

So, in 2021, expect an online job boom within the now independent UK online casino industry, looking for programmers through to online customer services.

Advancements in technology

Any progressive movements within any business are first done through technological advancements. So, where are we now with this and what faces us in 2021? Well, what can we safely say will happen in 2021, there will most definitely be a new range of smartphones released by both Samsung and Apple, but what will they offer? Well, the key advancements will be the A.I they are hooked up to. So, how can A.I work for you and online casinos? Well, the answer is quite simple. The technology can come into play with regards to player analytics. Uses can identify behavioural changes and patterns of play, a clear example of this is to curb the rise of gambling addiction which the industry is legally obligated to highlight as part of the regulatory standards.

A.I can also be used in areas of gaming safety as this tech takes a massive leap forward. How all this affects you and the market is purely subconsciously. Players will be made aware of better and safer casino protection, though it’s not the primary objective of players to gamble.

Online casinos in 2021 will become bigger and better and new sites will begin to form directly here in the UK to help boost the economy post-Brexit and Covid.

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