If You Smoke - You Need One of These in Your Life

By Swindon Link - 24 November 2021

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We are going to bet that as a smoker you’re already really good at getting the right accessories to aid your habit. There are multiple smoking tools and items that enhance your smoking experience, making it cleaner, simpler, and more efficient.



Trying to get smoking accessories without the help of a guide can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. So we’ve compiled a list of smoking accessories that are simple and yet offer an unmatched smoking experience to make your life as a smoker a joy ride. One like you’ve never had before!

1. Lighters

A smoking essential that always seems unavailable when we need it the most. I’m sure we’ve all had that experience where we’re bummed by a missing lighter when we want you just light it up. They are a much better option than match sticks, so we advise you to keep a few for the different places where you’re most likely to get a puff. You don’t have to be boring with your lighters, you can look through several designs of lighters and even consider the refillable lighters but remember to always keep one in your corner. 

2. Ashtrays

Nobody wants to see dusty, ashy crumbs everywhere. It’s messy for smokers and non-smokers around you. And that’s why we have ashtrays, they are made from fire-retardant materials such as glass, heat resistant plastics, pottery, stone, and even metal. You can get them in various forms from the ancient ones that you can add to your collection or the lightweight types ideal for travel. If you’re not a heavy smoker you can opt for the plastic ashtrays as they’re cheaper and will be durable for you. However, if you like your regular puffs, the more durable ones made from heavy materials are more ideal. Add an ashtray to your collection of smoking accessories and keep your environment clean for all. 

3. Cigar Humidifier

Cigars tend to taste better when they are smoked immediately out of the packs. Usually, a little air can change the taste of your cigars; hence the need for cigar humidifiers from Cigar Oasis also called humidors. Think of a humidor as life inside a bubble because once you close the lid of your humidor, an internal ecosystem gets to work to keep your cigars fresh through a balance of temperature and humidity. The settings of temperature and humidity on your humidor depend on the type of cigars you’re storing and the season of the year. 

4. Smoking pipe

Smoking a pipe has been perceived to be a show of class from the medieval days in England. It is a leisure activity that aids relaxation of the body. In the past, distinguished men will be seen smoking a pipe on their porch in the evening breeze. Using a pipe is simple and basic. There is a compartment for the tobacco to go into and then a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke. You can choose from a range of smoking pipes to match your style, whether it’s a wooden pipe or a glass pipe. 

5. Pipe screen

Useful to enjoy clean pipe smoke. They are metal mesh, but in circular shapes and fitted into the bowl of the pipe. They help keep debris and clumps of ash from traveling up the pipe to your mouth. It prevents “dottle” that can potentially ruin your pipe. 

6. Cleaning accessories

What is the point of having all these smoking accessories if they are not clean? To indulge in an enjoyable smoking session, you need to keep all your accessories free from residue build-up and clean. A pipe or bong filled with residue is more likely to have harmful toxins, and if left that way, you will inhale those toxins in your next smoking session. Make sure you have surface cleaners, pipe cleaners, and bong cleaners handy after every smoking session. 

7. Odor eliminators


Another essential accessory for smokers. The smell of cigarettes and cigars is not very welcoming for the environment and non-smokers around. If you get complaints about odor, incense sticks are perfect odor eliminators and are great to get rid of the heavy smells in your home. You can light up a scented candle or burn an incense stick to recapture the pleasant fragrance in your environment. 


As a smoker, these smoking accessories are essential and a must-have to truly enjoy your smoking experience. Of course, each of these accessories comes in different designs, and you can pick the one that most suits your taste. Keep these handy while exploring other smoking accessories to enhance your smoking experience. 


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