Sounds Like Women to bring next 'Better With Music Cafe' event to Park South

By Jessica Durston - 23 January 2023

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The non-profit organisation, Sounds Like Women, will be holding its next free community music event this weekend, in Park South.

The non-profit which supports women and girls, will be hosting ten different music events across ten months, taking place in ten different venues.

Sounds Like Women is an organisation, which aims to empower women, girls and families through music and music related activities - especially those affected by domestic abuse, racial biases and gender based inequality.

It's Better With Music cafe events are being supported by the National Lottery Fund, and aim to provide a safe and warm space within local community centres, with live music, and open community-therapeutic music workshops.

The next BWMC will be held on 28 January, at the Park South Community Centre in Swindon.Throughout 2023, the cafe events will be continually reappearing on the last Saturday of every month in a different area of Swindon, until July.

The January event will also include a performance from special guest Marina Avetisian. She is a Russian-British singer songwriter. A link to a song she recorded with the Sounds Like Women team can be found at

Luiza Staniec-Moir, founder of Sounds like Women said: "Serving with music and kindness the most disadvantaged communities, these music supporting cafe events were designed to empower those who suffers the most. Especially, domestic abuse victims and their families affected by it in many different ways."

The cafe events are open to everyone who would like to spend an afternoon listening to live music, trying new instruments, and playing together during the open community workshops.

There will be an opportunity for local people to spend some time amongst others, and enjoy cakes or homemade soup.

Through this new initiative from Sounds Like Women, the team say they wishes to create a safe place for a community, where they can help empower people through music and raise awareness about pressing issues.

Luiza added: "We remind people of locally available support, and create a safe and friendly environment to meet, to be listened and to connect, or simply to relax and have fun.

"The café is always full of live music, refreshments and homemade food, top-table sale with second hand goods, as well provide community music workshops run by music therapists, open mic and activity for all community."

As well as the Better With Music Cafe events, Sounds Like Women also raise awareness about issues that are important to them and their service users, through specially-written songs based on survivor’s stories.

These songs are often co-written by the service users themselves, and Luiza Staniec – Moir. Luiza is a singer/songwriter, music producer and music therapist, and she, along with the Sounds Like Women team, provides a range of aftercare activities, with music at the core for victims and their surrounding communities.

Luiza explains: "We work through traumas caused by problems, or empower women and girls to prevent these issues, through individual and group music sessions, voice empowerment workshops, songwriting for recovery workshops, to build confidence, self-esteem, and to give a voice to all that matters to them.

"This all plays a huge role in building a safe and healthy life for our service users, and it helps to supports their wellbeing."

More information can be found on the organisation's website and social media pages:

Sounds Like Women's YouTube channel can be found at:


Sounds Like Women website:

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