Swindon producer involved in upcoming national found-footage horror feature project

By Jessica Durston - 22 September 2022

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  • A mock up of the film's poster

    A mock up of the film's poster

Swindon's Janine Pipe from Pipe Screams Production will be co-producing upcoming horror anthology feature #unboxed.

Production companies Trash Arts Film, Pipe Screams Production and Sedega Films are set to bring a found footage anthology film to audiences in 2023/24.

Janine Pipe, from Swindon, will be co-producing the feature, along with Sam Mason Bell.

A spokesperson describes the plot: "#unboxed will feature five individual stories that are all interwoven by a trending internet duration challenge – 'who can hold onto the mysterious box for the longest?

"Each segment will follow an influencer as they attempt to win the challenge and gain more followers and notoriety. However, there is a catch – the box is cursed and feeds on fear."

UK based producers Sam Mason Bell (I Curse this Land) and Janine Pipe will oversee three of the five stories directed by David Creed (Sacrilege), Rebecca Wilcox, Georgie Kerssenbrock (Neonate) and Joe Duncombe (We Wait in the Woods).

David Creed is also one half of the founding team behind local horror film production company - Bad Blood Films. More about Bad Blood can be found on its website at https://www.badbloodfilms.com/

Also directing the wraparound overarching storyline is Geoff Harmer (Video Shop Tales of Terror).

US-based producer Andrew Hawkins (Polia & Blastema, Jan Švankmajer’s INSECT) will be overseeing the two American segments, directed by found footage and Blair Witch expert Blair Bathory (Return to Burkittsville), Vicente Franisco Garcia and Patrick Guera (Don’t Do It).

The screenwriting team for the feature consists of Lucy Foster, Peter Stead, Paul Doherty, Haley Newlin, Andrew Ionides, Tish Jackson, Steve Neal, Joshua Pruett, Tim Meyer, Evan Jordan and Mav Lux.

The project also welcomes actors Chris Mills and Joe Filippone acting as script supervisors, and special effects creator Craig Tonks (Annihilation) who joins in a consultant capacity.

Bell and Pipe will look to source local crew and cast for the potential Bristol and London shoots, with Hawkins sourcing crew for LA and Atlanta.

An Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is also set to start in February 2023, with filming aiming to begin in July.

Members of the public can keep up with all #unboxed developments on Twitter at https://twitter.com/unboxedmovie

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