Swindon game developer announces major launch

By Barrie Hudson - 28 March 2024

Arts and Culture

Evil Twin Artworks has announced a 5 April official launch date of Victory At Sea Atlantic on the Steam and GOG platforms.

A spokesperson for the Swindon firm said: "After years of development and community engagement, Victory At Sea Atlantic invites players to experience the thrill of World War II naval warfare in the Atlantic theatre.
"Commanders will embark on a strategic journey through historically accurate battles, dynamically changing weather conditions and immersive gameplay mechanics."
Key Features of Victory At Sea Atlantic include:
- Historical Authenticity - Victory At Sea Atlantic faithfully recreates World War II's naval theatre, with realistic ship models, historical campaigns and dynamic weather conditions

- Strategic Depth: Commanders must make critical decisions, from ship selection to tactical choices, as they navigate the challenges of wartime naval operations
Features coming through Early Access include:
- New aircraft bombing raids on land targets add a new dimension to gameplay
- Axis Campaign
- Even more detailed amphibious assaults
- More vehicles
Full details including trailers can be found via eviltwinartworks.com/victory-at-sea-atlantic/

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