How to save money within the home this winter

By Swindon Link - 15 November 2022

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With the cost of living continuing to rise, you may often wonder how to best preserve your money and cut down on some of your existing costs. There may be ways that you can really enjoy your home without needing to spend too much money. To do so, it could be a good idea to consider where a lot of your money currently goes, and to figure out if there are cheap or free ways to reduce the amount you spend on your utilities.

Switch to LED lights

You may find that you use less energy when you use LED lighting as opposed to halogen bulbs. This could not only allow you to save money, but also give you some ways to be a bit more creative with your lighting choices. Ordering some LED light strips online can allow you to create wonderful patterns with light, or even add a glow of colour around the room of your choice. They may come in different sizes, allowing you to pick the model most suited to the room you wish to light up. Using these lights, rather than main overhead lights, could allow you to still see in a room without needing to rely on harsh lighting.

Only use what you need

Although it may be rather cold outside, you may not want to leave your central heating on all the time. This doesn’t mean that your home needs to get cold either. It could be a good idea to look into the type of heating system in place in your home. From here, you may then be able to set up a timer. This can automate when your heating comes on, as well as when it goes off. It may be helpful to set it to switch on about 30 minutes before you get up in the morning, and turn it off before you leave the house. The residual heat may help to keep you warm in this time. You may want to do the same for when you come home, and have it on for a few hours in the evening. 

Block up any gaps

It is possible that some of your utilities are higher because of sheer wastage. This doesn’t just involve the times when you aren’t at home. You may want to check your windows and exterior doors to see if there are any draughts. Should you notice a breeze or cold air, even when windows are closed and locked, this may signify an issue. Altering the hinges, or calling out a professional to undertake repairs, could help you to decrease the amount of energy you consume and, therefore, the amount you need to pay.

Saving money on your utility bills can be important throughout the year. However, when it is both darker and colder, you may find yourself wanting to rely on these even more. Smarter usage could allow you to still maintain your comfort without needing to pay any unnecessary costs.

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