Four Ways to Upgrade Your Second-hand Car

By Jamie Hill - 17 March 2020


Are you bored with your second-hand car’s look and performance? If so, you need to consider upgrading it. Thankfully there are several affordable options to enhance the aesthetics, feel, and functionality of your old car. Here are four fantastic ideas.

Personalised Number Plates


One of the best ways to upgrade your second-hand car to make it more individual is to add a personalised number plate. Celebrities are especially known for setting the trend of personalised plates. For instance, Lord Alan Sugar has the plate AMS1 and hairstylist Nicky Clarke has H41RDO. But with millions of private, cherished, and personalised number plates available at a broad range of affordable prices, distinctive plates are not limited to the rich and famous. You can choose a combination of digits to spell out anything meaningful to you, such as your name, your profession or your favourite TV series.


Heated Seat Covers


Built-in heating pads in car seats have become increasingly popular in recent years. But you may be surprised to learn that they actually debuted way back in 1966 on the Cadillac DeVille. Today, almost every model of new car comes with heated seats. But if you have a second-hand car, you will probably not have the pleasure of that warmth and comfort. The good news is, you can upgrade your car’s seats by buying seat covers and cushions that come with various heat settings. More advanced ones even come with cooling and massaging abilities. This easy-to-install upgrade will instantly make your vehicle feel like a new model.


New Tires


If you are interested in performance and reliability more than aesthetics and comfort, tires are undoubtedly the best upgrade you can make to your second-hand car. It could seem excessive to pay handsome prices for new tires, but you will soon notice the benefits. New tires on your car help to accentuate everything your vehicle does and minimise areas of weakness. Whether you want to accelerate, slow down, or go into turns at high speed, you need to have excellent traction. Also, if you plan on other upgrades, tires become even more critical. For instance, there is no point in spending money on a suspension upgrade if your tires cannot handle the turns. Do not underestimate how much of a difference new tires can make to your car’s performance.


Parking Sensors


If you get stressed, trying to twist and turn in and out of small parking spaces, getting sensors can help. Not only is trying to park in tight spaces difficult and time-consuming. It can also result in scratched doors and bumpers. New cars often come with automatic parking technology. But you can upgrade your second-hand car to be just as reliable as a fancy new model by installing parking sensors. With the use of sound waves, parking sensors detect surrounding objects and use lights or beeps to warn you when you are in danger of hitting something. Parking sensors are surprisingly inexpensive as well, so the sensor upgrade makes sense on every level.

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