Swindon Link's Agony Girl answers this month's questions

By Jessica Durston - 27 July 2022

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  • Agony girl Amy at the My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad Festival

    Agony girl Amy at the My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad Festival

From the pages of Swindon Link's sister publication The Ocelot comes Agony Girl in the form of nine year old Amy. We read her the questions and she tells us the answers. To ask Agony Girl a question yourself email us at publisher@swindonlink.com with 'Agony Girl' in the subject line.

Dear Agony Girl,
It is so hot lately that my wife and I have great difficulty falling asleep, even though we have a fan in the room. What should we do to make ourselves sleepier?
Julia, North Swindon

Instead of having a duvet just use a sheet and you should keep your windows open and then you should have a cold shower before you go to sleep.

Dear Agony Girl,
I find I spend way too much time choosing what to watch on Netflix and the other streaming platforms I have. It takes so long, that sometimes I feel like giving up and forgetting about watching something altogether. Can you advise me on how to speed up this process? Or can you recommend something to watch on television?
Lucy, Wroughton

You should watch Community and you should watch The Minions movie at the cinema and you should watch Monster High and you should watch Parks and Recreations and you should watch My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. That's it.

Dear Agony Girl,
My boss keeps pranking me. What shall I do about it? Do you know any pranks I can do?
Tyler, Redhouse

You could, when he comes in, stand next to like where the doorframe is and when he comes in you should jump scare. Also you should scare him by putting a fake dead body in his bed. Also you should throw water balloons at him when he comes in the room to see if you're alright. Actually just throw water balloons at him.
To stop him pranking you, you should send him a serious letter and pretend it's from the police station. That will stop him as he'll think he'll go to prison for the rest of his life if he doesn't stop.

Dear Agony Girl
Why are boys are so bad at just communicating like normal human beings?
Karen, Haydon End

Because they're smelly.

Dear Agony Girl,
Why are you such a poo?
Rishi, Westminster

I say that you're a poo because you called me a poo. Who is Rishi?

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