Swindon Link's Agony Girl grows another year older and returns to answer more questions

By Jessica Durston - 21 February 2023

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  • Swindon Link's Agony Girl, Amy

    Swindon Link's Agony Girl, Amy

From the pages of Swindon Link's sister publication The Ocelot comes Agony Girl in the form of ten-year-old Amy. We read her the questions and she tells us the answers. To ask Agony Girl a question yourself email us at [email protected] with 'Agony Girl' in the subject line.

Dear Agony Girl,

Springtime is soon coming up. Do you have any recommendations for any spring related activities to pass the time?

Tyler, Swindon

You should play tag and walk around the forest. You can do a picnic and you could smell and pick flowers.


Dear Agony Girl,

I hear your dad is heading to Morocco to do a trek across the Sahara Desert in aid of charity this month. Have you got any tips for him to make the most of it?

Amanda, Abbeymeads

You should have fun with the camels and ride them and explore. Drink loads of water and don’t have too heavy a backpack. And if you get lost you should call the desert emergency services.


Dear Agony Girl,

I’ve heard you have a boyfriend. I’ve been single for nearly five years now. What is the best way to snag a man as I’m getting pretty lonely?

Bianca, Town Centre

Be confident. I didn’t really do anything to get a boyfriend. I was just being myself. For Valentines and for his birthday and Christmas I would get him presents. He got me loads of presents too.


Dear Agony Girl

I’ve just quit my job and am going to retire as I found it too stressful. Should I get another job or just enjoy my retirement? And what should I do to pass the time?

Nicola, Holyrood

Enjoy your retirement. You can go trampolining or ice skating and just have loads of fun. You can party all the time. If you run out of money you can always get another job then.


Dear Agony Girl,

I’m a bit worried about climate change. It all just seems so scary. I know that you have lots of eco-credentials. Got any advice on how I can help save the environment?

Dave, Gorse Hill

Plant some plants in your garden and make wellies that don’t fit you as plant pots and stuff like that. I’ve made some money for the school for their dirty pond. I slay at making the environment better. If you’re close to the thing where you are going you should always walk but if you live in Swindon and need to get to Marlborough you might have to drive as the buses always come at strange times.

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