Android or iOS: Which tech comes out on top?

By Staff Reporter - 12 May 2021

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Tech geeks and lovers always get heated up when a conversation starts revolving around mobile operating systems. Which one is best? Is it Android or is it iOS? Advocates of both sides tend to be rather opinionated, but, like most things in life, the truth lies somewhere in between. After all, there isn’t really a right answer. Android is a better choice for some, whereas iOS can be a privileged solution for others.

Let’s start by saying that there is a reason if Android is the leading mobile OS worldwide and if it holds a 71.93% share of the global smartphone market. Android is an open source software adopted by innumerable phone makers, allowing consumers to choose between a vast selection of brands. To make an example, Android is available on Huawei mobiles, which are highly considered by tech-savvy people because they ensure great performance, they have quality design and top-notch cameras. Their price can be generally reasonable and good bargains can be found with the Huawei discount code mentioned here. Instead, iOS is only for Apple phones, whose design may be marvellous, but they also cost a fortune. 

The devices that use an Android operating system commonly have more storage options, which result in extra space for apps, photos, videos and documents. Even though you can offload photos and videos on iCloud, the iPhone’s internal storage cannot be expanded and you might have to delete apps every now and then. On the other hand, Apple’s App Store generally has a better selection than Google’s Play Store. In terms of games and professional apps, iOS has a competitive advantage over Android as well.

Android has another couple of perks that make things easier. First of all, file transfer is smoother than on iOS. Battery life is another concern that we all have and that we fight with on a daily basis: well, phones that adopt Android are equipped with large batteries that have a longer life than iPhones. Additionally, chargers are typically faster with Android

So far we have enumerated mainly the benefits of having a smartphone with an Android system, but please don’t get us wrong, we are well aware that iOS is just as cool. Each phone released by Apple is supported with software updates for many years. The update occurs on all their devices at the same time and you almost magically find yourself with new apps and features. Once you receive a notification, you can install the most recent software and enjoy most of its improvements. You can on Android as well, but prompt updates are not guaranteed and anyway they tend to be only for the first couple of years from the phone’s release.

If you like personalisation, you should probably choose the Android platform. It offers more options for customisation and you can choose the layout you prefer on your home screen. You can change your entire interface if that is what you please. The same cannot be said for iOS, as you can only introduce a few minor changes that won’t be so unique.

Privacy and security are two other issues that are very important when choosing a new smartphone. In comparison to previous years, we are all more concerned with data breach. Services provided by Apple are protected by encryption and you can be sure that your personal data won’t be stored by Cupertino’s company. They do analyse user data to study behaviour and improve their products, but the data is collected anonymously. iOS is a safer choice from this point of view, because the software available on Android devices is usually older and, therefore, it is more vulnerable to potential hacks.   

If you are planning to buy a new smartphone and you are getting rid of your old one, you should reset it before you sell it or give it to someone. It’s good practice if you want to make sure that potentially sensitive data that belongs to you isn’t leaked. Whether you have Android or iOS, here are a few recommendations given by Wired on how to wipe any device before you give it away. It is very useful even if you want to dispose of a laptop or a tablet.

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