South Swindon MP Calls on Swindon Schools To Teach Children And Young People About Healthy Relationships

By Jamie Hill - 24 April 2021


South Swindon MP Robert Buckland is calling on teaching staff in schools and colleges here in Swindon to sign up and become “Expect Respect Advocates”

The Covid-19 pandemic has escalated domestic abuse and closed down routes to safety for victims to escape.

67.4% of survivors who are currently experiencing abuse told Women’s Aid that it had got worse since the start of the pandemic and 76.1% told Women’s Aid that they were having to spend more time with their abuser.

More time at home has magnified the issue.

 Robert commented: “Covid-19 has also had a very real impact on child survivors who also experienced worsening abuse during lockdown.

“Over half (53.1%) of the survivors with children who are currently experiencing domestic abuse told Women’s Aid that their children have witnessed more abuse to them.

“Over one third (37.5%) said that their abuser had shown an increase in abusive behaviour directed towards their children.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial that we teach our children about healthy relationships.”

The Expect Respect Healthy Relationship Toolkit is a prevention toolkit to help you lead sessions around healthy relationships for children and young people aged 4-18. It contains age-appropriate activities that can be used in a range of spaces, but it can also be used with adults.

You can download the toolkit here: Expect Respect - Womens Aid

Expect Respect Advocates are at the frontline of delivering this groundbreaking project and will be best placed to start conversations that will have a significant impact on children and young people’s lives.

All Advocates will receive initial training from Women’s Aid to deliver the toolkit sessions to children and young people. You can register your interest here:

Women's Aid (

If you would have any questions, or would like further information about the Expect Respect Campaign please contact

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