Swindon dance group to appear at rejoiners' march

By Barrie Hudson - 22 September 2023

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The Dance Europa group from Swindon will be at the front of a panned mass march tomorrow - Saturday 23 September - by people who want to rejoin the EU.

The  National Rejoin March - marchforrejoin.co.uk - will start at Hyde Park corner at noon.
Led by Steve Rouse, Dance Europa says being asked to take such a prominent role in the march is a great honour.
Mr Rouse said: "As we've been asked to lead the march all down Whitehall to the gates of Parliament we've choreographed a processional walking dance, men with flags ladies with gold wings."
A coach for supporters will depart tomorrow at 9.15am from Coate Water, with tickets priced at a minimum £20 donation or £5 for concessions. They can be obtained here 
Tomorrow's march is the second annual one, and the organisers say: "It’s no longer good enough to sit at home moaning about what’s happening to our country – let's do something about it."

Peter Corr, an ex-Army lorry driver who is co-founder and leader of the NRM, said: "We are urging all who want to rejoin to attend the second march and rally in London on Saturday 23 September. 

"It’s time to turn polling support into feet on the ground. It’s no longer good enough to sit at home moaning about what’s happening to our country – let’s do something about it. We know the march and rally will add considerable momentum to the rejoin movement."

The line-up of confirmed speakers includes MEP Guy Verhofstadt, who will reiterate ‘an absolute need’ for the UK to rejoin the EU, adding that it is always welcome back. He will be joined by colleague Terry Reintke MEP, who will say the growing citizens' movement for rejoin is being followed very closely in Brussels. 

Half the speakers at the rally are aged under 35, with Ceíra Casey Sergeant, 20, from Liverpool the youngest. Ceíra will speak of her personal story through politics and Brexit, and demand her generation finally gets a say in its future.  

Also speaking will be 25-year-old Greek politics student Stella Mavropoulou, who has completed her masters in London. She will talk about her experiences as a foreign student in the UK and the extra complications that Brexit has brought to her life here – as well as the opportunities that will come for young people when the UK rejoins. 

Richard Corbett CBE, who was the final leader of the Labour Party Group in the European Parliament, will lay out an extremely strong case for Rejoin. 

In addition, the crowd will hear from Femi Oluwole, Seema Syeda,  Gina Miller, Mike Galsworthy, Steve Bray, Liz Webster, Madeleina Kay, Professor AC Grayling, Rachele Arciulo, co-founder of the pan-European EU Party Volt, and Lisa Burton from campaign group Bremain in Spain.   

Mr Corr added: "Rejoining the EU is the patriotic thing to do as it will benefit us all. I urge everyone to come on this march and join us on the road to rejoin."

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