Dressability calls on businesses to donate their surplus branded clothing for the homeless

By Jamie Hill - 4 November 2021


Dressability, which provides a specialist clothing adaptation service for the disabled, is calling on businesses to step up and donate their surplus branded clothing.

  • Dressability manager Sharon Tombs and trustee Alison Wraight

    Dressability manager Sharon Tombs and trustee Alison Wraight

The charity, which is based in Westmead, is only one of two in the country that helps people of all ages with disabilities or mobility impairments, adapt their clothing for their needs.

The charity also works a lot with homeless organisations creating more than 100 blankets to help every year.

They are now calling on businesses across the Swindon area to donate any unwanted surplus clothing so they can 'de-brand' them and hand them out to homeless charities like Night Shelter and Christmas Cares.

Sharon Tombs, who manages the charity, said: "It was one of my trustees Alison Wraight who came up with the idea as she works in marketing. Essentially there are so many businesses and printers out there who would have 'never been worn' branded clothing that they could easily donate to us.

"At the moment there is a lot of talk about how we shouldn't waste resources and this is one way that these bits of clothing can actually be put to good use rather than heading for the landfill.

"We have a team of volunteers here and what we would do is then debrand the clothing, which can range from hoodies to T-shirts or polo shirts, and then hand them out to where they are needed through homeless organisations.

"There are loads of businesses in Swindon who will have this excess stock and we would be only too happy to take them off their hands in the knowledge that they are going to a good cause."

If your business can help please contact the charity by calling 01793 512878 or through their website at www.dressability.org.uk


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