Repeat rapist who pretended to be taxi driver could be free in nine years

By Barrie Hudson - 3 April 2024


A man from Swindon has been sentenced to 13 years in prison for raping a woman after pretending to be a taxi driver.

He had been jailed for a similar offence in 2012.
Fareed Tariq, 43, of Barnum Court, was sentenced at Swindon Crown Court today - 3 April - after being found guilty at a trial in February.
On Friday April 14, 2023 the victim was out in Swindon town centre with friends. She called a taxi company at around 3.15am on the Saturday morning.
A vehicle was sent but she was not picked up. She then got into Tariq’s vehicle, and her drove her to a quiet area in Pinehurst and assaulted her.
Tariq was sentenced to 13 years in prison, which he was told he will have to serve at least two thirds of, and he will have to serve a further five years on licence. Tariq will also be put on the sex offenders register for life and was given a restraining order from the victim for life.
James Purcell, Major Crime Team Investigator said: "This was a horrendous incident, where Tariq pretended to be a taxi driver and picked up a vulnerable woman after a night out. He took her to a quiet area and raped her before picking up her son from her friend's house.
"I'd like to thank the victim for her incredible bravery through reporting the incident and through what must have been a really difficult trial, reliving a traumatic experience. Without her continued assistance, the outcome would not have been possible.
"This is the second time that Tariq has been found guilty of raping a woman after a night out, after being jailed for six years in 2012. Today, a dangerous man has taken off the streets. He preyed on vulnerable women who just wanted to go home after a night out. I hope today's sentence will go some way to helping his victim get justice.
"We would encourage anyone who has been the victim of a sexual assault to please report it, do not suffer alone. We understand it can be difficult. You might not be completely sure what happened or how to talk about it.
"Our trained officers and partner organisations are here to listen and work together to support you in any way we can. Importantly, your information could help us bring the offender to justice and make sure you, and other people in a similar situation, are kept safe."
Information about reporting a sexual assault or rape can be found at
People can call the police on 101, or 999 in an emergency.
If they do not want to go to the police, they could go to their local sexual assault referral centre (SARC), where the trained staff can give confidential medical help and advice.
They can also gather evidence for the survivor to use at a later date, if they decide to report the assault to the police. They will not contact the police without the survivor's permission.

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