First Signs of Gambling Addiction

By Jamie Hill - 29 October 2019

Opinion and Features

CasinoGuardian was launched in 2016 for the purpose of providing readers with reliable information about the gambling industry in the UK. While their focus is on delivering the latest gambling-related news to our readers, they are also well-aware of the fact gambling is associated with financial risks and may lead to addiction.

Because of this, casino guardian do their best to promote responsible gambling, starting with an infographic about the symptoms associated with this impulse-control disorder. Some people tend to underestimate the dangers of this condition because compulsive gambling is a “hidden illness”, so to speak.

What is meant by “hidden” is that it is not associated with physical symptoms like alcohol or substance abuse, or at least not in the beginning. Additionally, there is a tendency among pathological gamblers to deny, hide or misrepresent the seriousness of their problem.

In this infographic on the subject, CasinoGuardian has clearly laid out the first signs of gambling addiction in ascending order. The alarm bells are constant bet increase, chasing losses and denying the problem.

Compulsive gamblers often feel the need to be secretive about their gaming because they fear their family and friends will not understand them. What follows next is a loss of interest in other activities the person used to enjoy.

The individual is preoccupied with gambling, which causes them to become less efficient at their workplace. Job loss is not an unusual consequence of this type of addiction. The person then resorts to borrowing or even stealing money to repay their gambling debts and feed their urge to bet more.

There comes a point when the gambler recognises the problem but is incapable of controlling the impulse to play. If left unaddressed, gambling addiction can lead to dire consequences such as mental and physical health decline.

CasinoGuardian hopes this infographic would prove useful to all readers. Those who do not suffer from the condition will learn about the warning signs of this addiction. In the meantime, the infographic aims to help those who already struggle with compulsive gambling to make the first steps toward recognising and overcoming their problem.

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