10 Resources that Pay You for Free Gaming

By Jamie Hill - 20 December 2018


If you thought video games simply waste your time, think again. There are ways you can put your gaming hours to productive use since some sites and online games provide rewards including cash to get gamers to play.

Among them is ragingbullcasino offering generous payments to new gamers as well as seasoned ones.

Here are the top ten simple sources that you can explore, most of which will offer you some kind of a cashback for playing online.

  1. Inbox Dollars

This platform provides games allowing players to earn by playing it online. GSN, the game provider, is known to offer paid and free games where players can earn extra and be rewarded with dollars. Not only are there items to play, but one can also enter contests and take on surveys. They are also awarded by shopping online with coupons provided as well as conducting web searches.

This game provider offers $5 sign up bonus for every new joiner and once $40 is earned you can redeem your earnings.

  1. Bananatic

This is a website that allows you to review, test and play games. In return for playing you are provided bananas which are the virtual currency. Players can make in-game quests or write reviews on it. The bananas that are earned as currency in one’s account can be exchanged for playing paid versions, use in steam wallets, buy Amazon gift cards, get prepaid content on games and so forth. This site is known to have a large subscriber base that has won and redeemed awards worth $165,000 and more.

  1. Cash Crate

This is a website that allows players to earn money when they play games as well as test out new products, take on surveys or shop online. The site has been around since 2006 and has a large user base of 2 million and more. Users can earn points by joining tournaments where they are given specific targets to achieve. There are twelve game tournaments in total such as Blocks, TriPeaks and Solitaire. Tournaments have certain point requirements; when it comes to completing surveys players can earn cash rewards. The new joiners are provided with a one-dollar bonus to sign up.

  1. Swagbucks

This is a platform that has more than games for the players to do in order to earn money. New joiners are paid for searching online, watching videos, taking surveys and surfing or playing. There are reward points known as Swagbucks offered with each activity. Certain items are free and can be played to earn Swagbucks.

  1. Lucktastic

This is a game played through an app that is provided for iOS and Android users. It is modelled as a scratch card application. There are ads that players need to watch before they can earn a scratch card. There are daily rewards, contests that provide chances of earning money and also getting rewarded for referring friends. The more surveys, one participates in or ads they watch, the more they get awarded. Cash rewards, as well as tokens, are the rewards of this app. Cash earned on this app can be withdrawn by opting for a check or using Dwolla account. There are other options like Wal-Mart, AMEX and VISA cards to apply for as well.

  1. Pogo

This is a versatile platform that offers paid as well as free games. There are prizes and payouts for traditional titles like Poker or Backgammon. There are arcades to play and win as well. The platform has exciting jackpot wins advertised daily. The club Pogo needs to be joined with an additional fee payment of $6.99, payable monthly which provides access to more points and games to participate in.

  1. LalaLoot

This is another gaming app that has a similar layout to CashDazzle. Those who join free can try the slots that have cash prizes for wins. There are other games to participate as well, and the first five days, new joiners get to earn tokens for free. There are other activities on this app such as participation in surveys that allows one to earn through sponsors and advertisers.

  1. Bingo Zone

This is a free game that provides the same gaming experience as a Bingo Hall. There are bingo rounds for playing, and minimum payout on such sites is $1. The prize increases steadily until someone wins the game.

  1. PCH Games

PCHgames is another lucrative portal to try when you wish to be awarded for playing. There are token plays and others where one can win amounts like $1000 as prize money. There are additional tokens on offer for warning bonuses like 2500 and players are awarded for playing more and more every day. The tokens do not convert to cash directly but provide entries to sweepstakes for winning merchandise, gift cards and so forth.

  1. Paid Game Player

This is similar to Swagbucks. There are about 600 titles to play, and gamers can compete against each other for winning cash there. The popularity of this game is less compared to Swagbucks.


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