May the pun-tastic anti-covid force be with you

By Barrie Hudson - 5 May 2021


Swindon Borough Council has unveiled its latest weapon against the evil Covid Empire - Jabba the Bus.

  • The bus was launched on 4 May, Star Wars Day, making two puns for the price of one

    The bus was launched on 4 May, Star Wars Day, making two puns for the price of one

Jabba is currently visiting areas of Swindon where uptake of the coronavirus vaccine has been low, and where there are high levels of vaccine hesitancy.

Launched on Star Wars Day, 4 May, the bus has two purposes:

- Enabling health professionals to administer vaccines to people who are eligible but unable to travel to a vaccination centre such as Steam

- Giving residents an opportunity to talk to medical professionals before being vaccinated

A council spokesperson said the national booking system, either online or over the phone, was the most direct way of arranging a vaccination. 

Jabba is available for people in the eligible groups listed at but is not intended for people who are able to travel, or who have yet to be invited for a vaccination.

The spokesperson added: "If you are eligible, but are unsure about whether to have the vaccine, healthcare professionals will be stationed with Jabba to address any of your concerns.

"Details on his whereabouts will be advertised to specific communities through ongoing outreach work happening with community leaders, faith groups and public health workers.

"Together we can fight Covid and get back to fighting the Galactic Empire." 



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