Fence to keep fly tippers from allotment car park

By Barrie Hudson - 7 April 2021


A protective metal palisade fence is to be built around the car park of Swindon's Shrivenham Road Allotments.

  • Parish councillors John Firmin, left, and Abdul Hamid at the entrance to the allotments

    Parish councillors John Firmin, left, and Abdul Hamid at the entrance to the allotments

The move is part of South Swindon Parish Council's investment program for the 14 allotment sites under its control. 

The council says that in 2017, when it took on the management of Shrivenham Road allotments from Swindon Borough Council, it inherited an unsecured car park which is a base for anti-social behaviour and is a hot spot for fly-tipping. 

Enclosing the car park with a secure fence around the area, with allotment holders able to access the car park with a key, is intended stop this from happening in the future. 

The car park is currently surrounded by an unsecured post and rail fence and a hedgerow, with an unlocked field gate at the entrance to this area.

Central Ward parish councillor John Firmin said:  “We are really pleased parish councillors have agreed to secure the area from anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping. 

"We have received numerous complaints since taking over the management of the site, about the area being used as the base for anti-social behaviour, especially at night, and that it is a hot spot for fly tipping. 

"This has been a real bugbear for allotment holders and especially to local residents who live nearby. The key to access the car park will be the same as the current one allotment plot holders use to access the allotments.”

The cost of the project is £9,850, with work is due to start within the next month. 



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