Highly Demanded Professionals and Positions in Swindon for 2022

By Swindon Link - 20 May 2022


Find out the most relevant positions and professionals employers are looking for in Swindon in 2022. Learn about the best job opportunities.

  • Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com via unsplash

    Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com via unsplash

If you are in a job search or considering looking for new opportunities, knowing what professions are in demand now is helpful. Together with job aggregator Jooble and its team, we’ve prepared a list of the most sought-after specialists in Swindon and the nearby area.

There are good opportunities out there in different industries. So whether you want to be a pharmacy delivery driver in Swindon, a trainee technician, or an engineer, there is a good choice.


Most Demanded Professions in Swindon In 2022

Customer Service Specialists

There is always a decent demand for professionals working with customers, and Swindon is no exception. Advisors, managers, and support personnel are needed in various industries. One can apply for such positions in banking, hotels, restaurants, and pharmaceuticals.

Specialists need to have excellent communication skills, a strong work ethic, and often prior experience in the field.


Sales Representatives

Another booming sphere is sales. Companies like BNP Paribas are looking for specialists of all levels, from beginners to executives. Such experts are needed in banking, insurance, finance, and retail. Sales employees need to be outstanding communicators. They are also expected to have strong problem-solving skills and a customer-centred approach.



Professionals with education and experience in engineering are also highly valued. For example, Catalent is one of the companies offering many great opportunities in this field. Overall, pharmaceuticals and biopharma organizations are open to hiring specialists. They provide good packages and employee benefits.


Special attention goes to manufacturing engineers working in production, utilities, calibration, and validation. Such jobs demand specific education, strong technical skills, and an eye for detail.


Data Scientists

Those working in data engineering are in a good place regarding new job opportunities in Swindon. Data scientists and engineers of all levels are in demand. They need to be able to work with vast piles of information, prepare reports, and forecast trends based on that.

Data engineering is used in many industries to give insights into customer behaviours and various market changes.



Administrators navigate internal and external communications, scheduling, meetings, and invoicing. Depending on the company one works for, one can also greet visitors, be responsible for office restocks, or prepare reports.

Administrative jobs are always in demand as any team or office needs such employees. Such jobs do not usually require specific education. But one needs to have strong organizational skills and outstanding written and oral communication.


Digital Marketing Specialists

Digital marketing is growing globally, and there is an overall request for experts in the field. Swindon follows this trend, as many companies are looking for digital marketers of different experience levels.

This job combines both technical and creative skills. One needs to be experienced with online analytical software, SEO, SEM, and best practices. They also need to be able to draft or contribute to an overall strategy and its execution.


Education and Tutoring

There is also a significant amount of job postings in the education sector. Some look for educators and tutors ready to prepare and perform specific programs. Others look for managers and apprentices for educational organizations (for instance, New College Swindon is hiring for several positions of different sorts).

Such opportunities come with a good package and employee benefits. There are positions open for entry-level specialists and experts as well.


DevOps Engineers

DevOps professionals perform automation of cooperation between development and operation teams in the IT industry. They need to be knowledgeable in computer science and optimization tools and processes.

The main goal is to establish a productive and fast environment for a company. Such experts are needed in Swindon as well.


Manufacture Laborers

Several companies are also hiring warehouse operatives, labourers, and production workers. These jobs usually involve physical labour as well as a responsibility to operate and control specific machinery. Employees need to have attention to detail, a strong work ethic, and, sometimes, prior experience at similar jobs.


In Summary

Swindon's job market has excellent opportunities for a wide range of professionals. There are offers for both beginners and advanced experts in different fields. Consider these as they are the most demanded in 2022.

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