Qualities To Look For In A Nursing Home

By Staff Reporter - 5 August 2020

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Chronic illnesses, disabilities, or even old age are not anyone’s welcome cup of tea. Unfortunately, anyone on this God's green earth is vulnerable and prone to the various afflictions that life presents. In the unfortunate event that you or your kin suffers from the aforementioned misfortunes, a nursing home can help provide much-needed care. Most if not all the time, the care needed by anyone admitted to these homes will usually depend on their specific needs, age, and the quality of services needed. Cost is also an absolute factor to consider before getting admitted to any nursing home. Most importantly, a nursing home should have the proper qualifications to be allowed to be a nursing home.

Below are the qualities to look for in a nursing home. 

1. Quality Nursing Care

The main aim of admitting a patient in a nursing home is that they can receive quality healthcare services. You'll also want to ensure that your kin is comfortable as well. There are numerous sources of information both locally and online that you can access to determine the level of care given even before choosing a particular nursing home. 

Most importantly, ensuring that the nursing home has the recommended facilities for your loved one will make all the difference between quality healthcare services and poor ones. When talking with a Brisbane metro age care provider and a qualified lifestyle assistant, they said that having the right facilities in a nursing home helps to streamline service provision as well as making patients' lives more comfortable. Now, among the things that make the nursing home experience include:

  • Lifts and ramps for ease of movement

  • Provision of homely routines

  • Hearty meals

  • Leisure activities

  • The overall size of the facility

  • Emphasis on humane treatment 

2. Compliant With All Legal Requirements

A nursing home can be equivalent to a private ward of a private hospital. These homes offer nursing care which includes various forms of medication, therapies, as well as counseling. For any institution to offer such, it must meet all the requirements as stated by the law and according to the laid down state requirements. When enrolling a loved one into any nursing home, ensure that they have the certifications in writing. They also need to have obtained the necessary licenses from the authorities. Institutions can take it a notch higher and display these documents in a public space to prove that they are law compliant and authentic.

3. Security and Surveillance Conscious

Current technology offers many solutions to surveillance such as CCTV cameras. Similarly, for additional security, a nursing home can opt to hire either private security firms or even the police. However, take note of the level of security as too much of it can raise red flags on the insecurity measures in or around that institution. Now, while you might not want that added security, a band of thieves breaking into a nursing home isn't something that you'd want to happen while your loved one is admitted to a nursing home. Be sure to note whether the surveillance and security is 24/7 based because it just needs to be.

4. The Provision of Instrumental Activities Related to Daily Living (IADL) 

The instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) include activities that are centrally aimed at improving the general living conditions and standards of the aged and those needing special care and attention. Examples include laundry services, maintenance of the facility structures, kitchen duties, and facilitated assistance. A quality nursing home should be able to provide these services to ensure that the patients are as comfortable as possible.



Additionally, these activities will also be centered on the individual patient’s needs such as bathing, administering medication, eating, and dressing to mention but a few. Having nurses that provided added services will be a great plus when looking for the best nursing home. 

5. Friendly and Warm Staff

The staff in nursing homes are not limited to doctors, nurses, or caregivers. In addition to the caregivers, other support staff from the security personnel and maintenance personnel like the janitors will need to have extra training on people skills. A quality nursing home should ensure that all their staff are friendly and warm to their patients to ensure maximum comfort for that quality stay.

6. Pocket Friendly

You don’t have to part with a pound of flesh to have you or your kin well taken care of. A quality nursing home should retain the balance between quality nursing care and all the costs involved in providing much-needed care. Such a home will strive to provide quality care at pocket-friendly prices.


Not all nursing homes will have the same standards of care. Nonetheless, it’s important to note that you or your kin will receive the best nursing care possible to ensure safety, comfort, and quality of life. Make sure before you choose a nursing home, that it has as much of the above-mentioned qualities. 


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