How RC Improved Family Photography?

By Jamie Hill - 23 January 2019

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Remote controlled boats were created back in 1898 by Tesla. They created one to exhibit it at Madison Square Garden, it did look more like a truck than a boat, but it was the start of a great invention. They’ve developed in so many ways that remote controlled boats are now played with not only by kids, but by adults too!

The intense hobby of RC boats started out as a ‘do-it-yourself’ activity in its early days; you actually had to build it on your own, including the RC’s radio equipment. But so much has changed when it comes to RC boats. Yes, it now usually comes ready built, but it’s still a great place for the creative minds out there to put their vehicular ideas into a more tangible object.

RC boats now create a unique touch to a regular day at the beach or lake, people actually invest a lot of time and money towards it! Remote control boating offers plenty of fun along with a very relaxing experience that creates an entertaining day with its own unique touch for the family. RC boats are said to be the best companion in family trips because it’s a lot of fun, for all!


Here’s why we think RC boats are not only the best hobby to get into with your family members, but also a great tool that could be used for family photography:

RC Boats = The Future Drones For Families!

Let’s think of it in that way; the drones are for photography on land and from a distance, RC boats would be eventually used for photography on the beach or lake trips! Currently, RC boats racing is an intense hobby for many, both adults and kids. They’re fun for all family members, especially for families that regularly go on fishing or swimming trips. However, there are so many details that come along with RC boats, especially when it comes to purchasing one.

Let’s take a step back and understand the different types of RC boats as well as the things that should be considered whilst buying one. You can read more articles at RC Hobby Review if you need recommendations on which RC boat to buy.

The 3 Types of RC Boats

The remote control boats operate in very similar ways to each other, however, it depends on the skill level you acquire that would lead you to buy either a ‘toy-grade’ boat or a ‘hobby-grade’ boat. Many RC boats are ready-to-run models, which means that they don’t need building from scratch, but if you’re keen to try building one from scratch, you can find a build-your-own boat kit.

The 3 main types of RC boats are:

  1. Sail RC Boats

  2. Racing RC Boats

  3. Scale RC Boats

Sail RC Boats - The Chillout Photos

The unique aspect that comes to sail RC boats is that it offers the lowest maintenance and is gratifying to operate its boat-handling skills. With sail RC boats, there is no engine to generate the power, you basically rely on the wind power. It’s a more relaxing option that fulfills the old school experience of RC boating. This boat could be used in family photography because it doesn’t need constant alert of using a remote if the wind is moving it towards the direction you want it to move, then you’re on the safe side! However, it would highly depend on the weather status of the day, if the weather isn’t good, photography with sail RC boats wouldn’t be your best option.

Racing RC Boats - The Fast Pace Photos

Here’s the most common type of RC boat and it’s the best choice regardless of whether you’re a beginner or have plenty of experience with RC boats. This RC boat comes with either of the 3 engines: electric powered, nitro-powered or petrol-powered. The electric powered are the most common ones because they’re cleaner to maintain with a much faster speed and quieter engine. They’re also easy to operate which creates a fun and easy experience for the player.

However, there are 2 different racing RC boats, the sport boats and the racing speed boats. For family photography though, we believe an RC sport boat would be the best choice because it’s more user friendly and could be used in a small pond or a large swimming pool. Racing boats would be much harder for family photography because they require much more skills and have a more complicated control system that wouldn’t be family friendly.

Scale RC Boats - Your Own Titanic Photos

RC scale boats are not designed for speed like the RC racing boats or sailboats. They’re strictly sold for their appearance, scale performance and realism. Basically, scale RC boats are not designed for speed at all. Scale RC boats are created to scale a smaller version of your favorite battleship, ocean liner or just any replica of a full-sized ship you like based on its appearance. Whilst this won’t have faster speed or a better engine, it would look good. In family photography, you wouldn’t need fancy features, you’ll just need a waterproof boat that would actually take the pictures.

The Best Type For Family Photography!

We’ve gone through a quick journey of the RC boat types and how each could help in family photography, but which would be the best choice for improvements in family photography? We don’t think there’s a ‘best’ types because it would go back to what kind of trip you’re going on and what type of family you are. Are you the mellow, chill family or are you a proactive family?

If you’re a mellow family who wouldn’t go for the high beach waves and would settle for a day by the lake, then we would recommend the sail RC boats. If you’re a more proactive family with hyper family members than we’d definitely recommend racing RC boats. Both recommendations are based on playing with them and for family photography. Sail RC boats will help in giving a more natural vibe in the family photos and racing RC boats will help in moving at a fast pace similar to the family’s.

RC Boat Considerations - A Quick 6 Step Guide

Now that you gathered information on all RC boat types and the best for your family, there are a few things you would need to take care of if you want to keep your RC boat for as long as you can. Especially if you’ll use it for family photography! Before you start your RC boat engine (or throw it into the water in the case of sail RC boats), ensuring a fun time that is also safe for your RC boat is essential. Here’s what you need to be ready for an RC boat!

  1. Which Type Will Improve Your Family Photos?

Here’s when you need to understand the type that will be the best for your family. Some boats will give you the total opposite of improving your family photos, and some will have a major improvement. You’ll need to know what the rest of your family members want as well. Make a collective decision with them, make it a fun task that drives this excitement for the next family trip!

2. After Purchasing - Give the User Manual More Attention

The first thing everyone does when opening a package is probably throwing the user manual that comes with it, assuming they’ll have it ‘all figured out’ on their own. However, that’s not the case at all! Especially if you’re establishing a remote control boat hobby, you can’t ignore the manual. The user manual is created for a reason, because it has very important information. As you now know, there are different types and small details that could go missing when it comes to RC boats. This is why we’re emphasizing on manual reading to save yourself a lot of time and frustration whilst launching your boat!

3. Charge Your Batteries

Especially if you’re going on a family trip, you need to know how to charge your batteries and when. There are many types of chargers especially if your RC boat is electrically powered. There are AC/DC chargers; which is the most common type of charger. Trickle chargers are other types that let you charge overnight. Peak detection chargers can detect when a battery is fully charged and the AC vs. DC type requires certain power supplies which are not recommended.

4. Provide Direction - For Family & For the RC Boat

You need to make sure the RC boat’s direction is on the right track, not too far and not too close. Whether you’ll be taking pictures of landscapes or family members, making sure you can handle the boat is definitely your way to go. There’s also handling the actual family members, which could be slightly hectic, but it’s essential! Our tip would be to use the RC boat in certain timings that would be suitable for the surrounding and the family as well.

5. Have the Sun Behind You

Let’s talk photography! Having the sun behind the RC boat gives you the best photo color, especially if you’re using your boat for photography during the brightest time of day. When you shoot into the sun, it loses the details that you’d want to show and shows unwanted shadows. Try having the sun to the side as well if having the sun behind won’t work!

6. Know Your Surroundings  - Environment & Weather

Be aware of the surroundings you’re in before running your RC boat. Try to stay clear from any plants or weed in the water that could complicate the engine. Definitely, don’t operate near animals because chances are, it’ll be torn into pieces the next minute. Keep in mind that even if you’re experienced, RC boats are still unpredictable and the surroundings are unpredictable as well. Make sure you know all about the weather on the day of your trip as well. To know whether it will be suitable for your RC boat or not and if it will be suitable for photography or not!

Why RC Boats Will Improve Family Photography?

RC boating is a very thrilling experience, but it needs safety and precautions. We think your usual remote controlled boat will definitely be the next family drone for family photography because of a few major improvements:

  1. RC Boats Material & Waterproof

The plastic is designed to protect your boat from any sudden crashes. All aspects of the boat are waterproof and are designed using anti-tilt technology, which is great news for big families. They are definitely family friendly, water friendly and adventure friendly. They’ll soon be an essential part of family trip.

2. Fun for All!

RC boats are for all ages, all genders and all family members. Ordinary cameras are usually accompanied by adults, and aren’t that much of a fun tool. However RC boats are definitely fun for all, and give a chance for family members to bond over one thing that can be relevant to all.

3. Not your Ordinary Black Camera

It can come in so many different colors and patterns that would look so unique for the family. Especially if there are kids, they can choose their favorite color!

4. Spontaneous Photos

RC boats photography will encourage more natural and spontaneous family photos rather than the usual family portraits taken in the local photography center.

The Future of Family Photography

There’s a different boat out there for every type of user depending on what they want. Going into family photography in specific, there’s also different types, from the family who would want to just chill with a tool of photography that would help with that. To the family that would want a proactive tool with them to cater their fast movements as well. Make sure you keep in mind the 6 step guide when purchasing an RC boat, hopefully, one with a camera. We think RC boats are the future of family photography, and by the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll think so too!


Sail off with the future of family photography!


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