Swindon-based environmental service on mission to tackle hard-to-recycle plastic waste

By Jessica Durston - 10 November 2021


Swindon's Recycling Technologies are looking into turning polystyrene and other difficult materials into new plastic products.

As a business with an environmental focus, Recycling Technologies says it puts just as much emphasis on sustainability within the business, as it does outside of the business.
Sophie Gilham, Head of Sustainability, shares the different ways in which she is championing sustainability at Recycling Technologies and her top tips for other local businesses who are looking to become greener.
She said: “I believe any business, however small, should allocate some sort of dedicated resources to becoming more sustainable, be that through an individual or department, or another way is to use a Sustainability Squad. We are fortunate enough to have both due to the nature of our business.
“Our Sustainability Squad is a means to ensure all perspectives across the business are taken into consideration. They meet quarterly following our quarterly emissions report to discuss where the majority of emissions are arising, and brainstorm ideas to address them.
“If you are a smaller business, this can provide a really good platform for anyone who is interested in sustainability to give their ideas - leading to innovation opportunities in your products or processes that would otherwise have maybe been missed.
“I'd also advise to look for energy efficiency grants, free energy audits etc. that are sometimes available from organisations such as the Carbon Trust.
"It is wrong to assume sustainability is expensive, 9 times out of 10 the upfront investment is far outweighed by the long-term payback.”
Businesses and individuals across Swindon are taking action against climate change. Swindon Borough Council says it is also doing its bit to tackle climate change.
More information about the Council's Be The Change initiative can be found at www.swindon.gov.uk/bethechange 

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