Council deliver top recycling tips to help households 'Be the Change'

By Jessica Durston - 25 January 2023


Swindon Borough Council say reducing what we waste is a great way to reduce their impact on the environment, and has compiled some recycling tips.

Swindon Borough Council believe many of the things people throw away haven’t always reached the end of their useful life. Sometimes items individuals don’t want any more can still be used by someone else.

More than 30 per cent of clothing goes to landfill, with nearly half of individuals putting some clothing in the bin. The council say all clothing can either be reused or recycled.

Recycling saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Current levels of UK recycling are estimated to save over 18 million tonnes of CO2 a year – the same as taking five million cars off the road.

Here are seven top tips for recycling in Swindon:

1. To get the most out of your recycling boxes, flatten down cardboard boxes and cans as much as possible so you can fit more in.

2. When recycling plastic pots, trays and bottles, remember to wash them out beforehand, otherwise it might contaminate the rest of your recycling.

3. Not all recyclable items come from the kitchen – check your bathroom and bedroom for recyclable items like empty deodorant and hairspray aerosols, tissue boxes, shampoo and conditioner bottles.

4. Separate your recycling by putting paper and card in one recycling box, and metal and glass in another.

5. Put unwanted clothing out for collection at the same time as your recycling boxes. Just make sure that they are dry and securely tied in a carrier bag marked ‘TEXTILES’ before placing them on top of, or inside, your recycling boxes.

6. Cardboard that is too big to fit in your recycling box can still be collected if it’s bundled and tied together. The cardboard bundle should be no taller than the height of two recycling boxes or wider than one recycling box (approximately 65cm x 65cm).

7. Take large items such as mattresses, wood, car batteries, carpets, fridges and freezers to Swindon’s Household Waste Recycling Centre (SN2 2PN). Pre-book your visit on at www.

Those who are unsure on whether or not an item can be recycled, can check the council’s Guide to Recycling – search ‘recycling’ at

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