South Swindon vies for Britain in Bloom honours

By Barrie Hudson - 14 July 2023

  • The garden of the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate

    The garden of the Richard Jefferies Museum at Coate

Judges from the Britain in Bloom competition will be assessing gardens across South Swindon later this month.

Various organisations contribute to the Britain in Bloom effort

Led by local volunteers, the South Swindon In Bloom movement encompasses several prominent community groups, including the Old Town Residents Association Gardeners (OTRA Gardeners), the Friends of Shaftesbury Lake, and Growing South Swindon Community. 

Together, these organisations have collaborated to enhance the area and create a warm and vibrant ambiance for residents and visitors alike.

South Swindon Parish Council first entered the competition in 2019, being awarded a silver medal and a trophy for best Victorian Park. In 2021, they again achieved a Silver Medal, followed by a Silver Gilt Medal in 2022. 

The 2023 entry will be the first time South Swindon is entered into the Tesco Cup, the main competition of In Bloom, after entering the Pennant Class for its previous three entries. 

The parish council's Chair of Leisure, Environment & Amenities, Cllr Linda Kasmaty, said: "It has been a privilege to collaborate with numerous local individuals and groups who possess a deep passion for enhancing their surroundings. 

"Witnessing the positive impact their endeavours have made on the environment in South Swindon has been truly inspiring."

In recent years, South Swindon in Bloom has fostered a collaborative partnership encompassing numerous local community groups, organizations, businesses, and volunteers, significantly contributing to its success. 

The Britain In Bloom judges' visit on 26 July presents an opportunity for South Swindon to showcase the collective efforts of its volunteers and community groups. 

The 2023 entry features various community initiatives from across South Swindon based around three distinct hubs. These are the Old Town area, Central Swindon, and East Swindon, each one with their own unique characteristics and contribution to the history of Swindon. 

More information on the South Swindon In Bloom 2023 entry can be found at



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