Swindon Green Party release local election campaign and manifesto

By Jessica Durston - 3 April 2023

  • An image from the Swindon Greens campaign launch

    An image from the Swindon Greens campaign launch

Swindon Green Party launched their local-election campaign with a manifesto for a greener Swindon this weekend, in Tadpole Garden Village.

Bradley Williams (centre) at the launch with Green prospective parliamentary candidates Andy Bentley (North Swindon, left) and Rod Hebden (South Swindon, right)

The Greens are standing 10 candidates in May’s borough elections and say they are looking to make history and break the existing two-party makeup by getting Swindon’s first Green borough councillor elected.

St Andrews Parish Cllr Bradley Williams, who is standing in St Andrews ward and received almost 800 votes in last year’s borough elections, led the launch of the Greens’ campaign alongside party supporters and local residents.

Cllr Williams became the first Green to be elected in Swindon last year when he beat a Conservative candidate in a by-election to win a seat on St Andrews Parish Council.

He said: "Our message is one of hope and change, which people here in St Andrews and across Swindon are crying out for. As someone who lives in St Andrews and is very active in my local community, I know the importance of listening to my fellow residents and taking action to improve people’s day-to-day lives.

“By winning the St Andrews Parish Council by-election last year, we proved that voting Green is never a wasted vote and that we can win in this area. This May is a chance for our community to vote for change and make history by electing Swindon’s first ever Green borough councillor.”

During Saturday’s launch, the Greens unveiled their manifesto for Swindon, which sets out a range of objectives under three priority areas:

  • Promoting a thriving and prosperous town
  • Supporting healthier and happier lives
  • Creating a cleaner and greener environment

Swindon Greens chair Chris Noyce said: “We’re delighted to launch both our campaign to get Swindon’s first Green borough councillor elected and our manifesto for a greener Swindon. We have 10 excellent candidates standing across the borough who are passionate about making our town a better place to live.

“A vote for a Green candidate is a vote for a fresh voice on the council, which has stagnated under the management of both the Conservatives and Labour for too long.”

Andy Bentley, the Greens’ prospective parliamentary candidate for North Swindon, said: “Under the current administration we're seeing nothing but the managed decline of Swindon. Whether it's children’s centres, the Oasis, the Museum and Art Gallery, or the shops in the town centre, things are either shut down or run down.

“The people of St Andrews have seen what happens when you elect Green candidates. Bradley Williams has been a breath of fresh air, working hard for his constituents on the parish council, and he would do the same on the borough council.”

“We've had the same tired policies from the two old parties for years; it's time for change. Another Conservative or Labour councillor won't make a difference - we've got plenty of those. It's time to give Green a go."

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