Labour say Swindon families will now spend £322 more on fuel a year under the current Parliament

By Jessica Durston - 18 January 2023


Swindon Labour Party has called on the Government to rule out a fuel duty rise in their next budget, if OBR projections show it’s affordable after seeing Swindon families will spend £322 more a year.

Swindon Labour found that the typical household in Swindon will be spending £322 more a year on fuel than at the start of this Parliament in 2019.

If there is additional headroom in the upcoming Budget, the partysays it's is calling for it to go towards the cost of living crisis as a priority, starting by ensuring that fuel duty will not rise in the Budget.

Labour says a failure to act could add 12p to a litre of petrol - which would be the greatest increase in petrol prices ever recorded.

Petrol prices are said to currently remain at historic highs, with figures from AA showing that unleaded petrol prices are still a third higher than in 2020. 

The Labour Party say they want to press home how under the Tories they believe families are not feeling better off - underlining 13 years of failure on energy security and the economy which are leaving too many people trying to make ends meet instead of thriving.

Cllr Jim Robbins, Leader of Swindon Labour Group said: “Across Swindon, people will be asking themselves – do I feel better off under the Tories. With price rises like these, the answer will be no.

“13 years of Tory failure and wasted opportunities have left us exposed to an energy crisis and working people paying the price. That’s why Labour is calling on the Chancellor to rule out any further rise on fuel duty in his next budget.

“If he doesn’t act, this could add an extra 12p to a litre of petrol, taking already record high prices through the roof.”

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