Swindon's Charlie the Unicorn becomes internet sensation

By Jessica Durston - 6 January 2022


Swindon's mythical creature, Charlie the Unicorn is being photographed on his adventures around Swindon.

Charlie pictured at various locations around Swindon

The unicorn was saved from a recycling bin area over at West Swindon Asda earlier this month, and has been welcomed with open arms by many Swindon residents. 

Members of the Swindon community have also been working to help Charlie visit various hotspots around the town. 

So far, Charlie the Unicorn has visited Lydiard Park, Westlea Fire Station, Buzz Bingo, ATB Skateshop, St Andrews Church, Swindon's Designer Outlet, Gablecross Police Station, the fuel station at Tesco Extra, Mead Way, and one of Swindon's kebab vans. 

As Charlie has been making his way around the town, people have also been keeping up his bright appearance by washing him, and decorating him with various items of clothing.

Charlie's popularity is evident from his Facebook page which (at the time of writing) is currently sitting at over 1,700 likes, with over 1,900 followers. 

Swindon residents Debra Collins and Graham Stobbs who helped to first set up Charlie's online presence have said the goal for the present is for Charlie to attend the Manchester City v Swindon Town FC game that will take place later today - 7 January. 

Charlie's Facebook page can be found at https://www.facebook.com/charlieunicornswindon

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