Swindon Link will no longer tolerate intolerance

By Jamie Hill - 6 March 2019


Yes. We do realise that there's a certain irony in that statement that 'we will no longer tolerate intolerance' but enough is enough.

We are living in divisive times. And in these 'interesting' times things do get heated. As a news platform we welcome lively debate and friendly 'banter'. We are covering issues that are nuanced and complicated and opening the conversation up is always a good thing.

Social media gives people this ability to debate and talk about these issues that range from cycle paths to Brexit. It effectively gives us all a voice.

And as a community magazine and website Swindon Link has a responsibility to welcome everybody whatever their background, creed, sexuality, and political persuasion.

But more and more we are seeing some very ugly and toxic posts on our social media platforms. The type of comments that show intolerance of other members of the Swindon community, that actively threaten and shout down other voices and make others feel unwelcome. 

As a media outlet that represents all members of our community this type of unacceptable behaviour is something that we can no longer tolerate.

This isn't about curtailing freedom of speech but about creating a welcoming space where people have the freedom to speak freely without fear of abuse or threatening behaviour.

With this in mind we will first warn and then ultimately block anybody from our platforms who behaves in a threatening or abusive manner aimed at an individual or group.

It is easy to forget when you're behind a keyboard or tapping into a phone that you are talking to real people so let's keep this simple, debate all you want, but just don't be threatening or rude.

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