How to Build Trust Between Your Business and Customers

By Jamie Hill - 19 December 2018

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If you want to stand any chance of boosting your profit revenue, you need customers. To be able to attract and then retain these people that pay for your services, you have to make them trust you. Trust is the most important thing that you can harness between yourself and your customers, which is why you should treat the act of building it with the utmost seriousness.

Here’s what you need to do to build trust between your business and its customers:

Be honest

Honesty is always the best policy when it comes to harnessing customer trust. If you can prove your business to be one that is open and willing to tell the truth, a lot more people will find it easier to trust.

You should seek to be honest at all times and in all ways. For instance, you should embrace honesty when it comes to the addressing of objections. By hiding the fact that your business does, in fact, have objections, you will paint it out to be disingenuous and will do your brand more harm than good. By embracing your faults and bad reviews, however, and then showcasing your attempt to address them in a positive way, your customer prospects will appreciate it.

A place in which honesty and openness are absolutely paramount is your ‘About Us’ page on your website. On this page you shouldn’t sugar-coat anything — you should be truthful with regards to who you are and what kinds of services you can offer. By not doing so, and then being unearthed as disingenuous by even just one customer, your business could receive a bad reputation. On your ‘About Us’ page, you should seek to make you and your team feel like real people — customers like to know they are dealing with other humans, and not robots.

Be reliable

If you prove yourself to be reliable, customers will find trusting you to be far easier. They’ll be able to depend on you, and even just knowing that you will always be there for them will see them become loyal to you. Loyalty is the key weapon you need to wield in your quest to build and retain a solid customer base.

One area of your business that you should seek to sure up with regards to reliability is its online faculties. By making your company website and any other site that you use, such as WordPress, as reliable to use as possible, your customers will never become impatient with the service that you provide and, subsequently, leave you for your competitors. To ensure that your websites are as reliable as possible, you should align yourself with a web hosting partner such as Smart Hosting. With over 15 years’ experience, they will be able to keep your site working — and working well, at that — over a sustained period of time.

If you want to build customer trust, you need to be honest and reliable. Anything less, and your business will struggle for custom and, subsequently, profit.

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