Living with Autism - a column by The Autistic Journalist Tyler Ody

By Tyler Ody - 31 March 2022

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North Swindon resident Tyler Ody has been working for Swindon Link for the past three years. From the age of four Tyler has been diagnosed with Classic Autism. Here's his new monthly column.

Welcome to my first Living With Autism column.

My name is Tyler Ody. I am a 21 year-old autistic journalist who works at Swindon Link and the community radio station Swindon 105.5.

I was first diagnosed with autism at the age of four. There are different kinds of autism but I was diagnosed with Classic Autism.

It has affected my life in a lot of different ways. But I don't let it get to me as I am a proud autistic person.

Classic autism is a higher functioning form of autism. My diagnosis is not mild though and it does affect me a lot and I have lots of unusual quirks about me. But I don't let this affect me and I am proud of who I am.

In the last few years I have really made amazing strides by going out and finding a job that I love. I have a very supportive family who have helped me at every step of the way and the staff that I work with are also very supportive.

I may look like a normal person but I have a few quirks which makes me very different to the average person. I've always said don't judge a book by its cover.

I do suffer from anxiety sometimes and even these come in different forms but I have been doing all I can to overcome them.

This new monthly column will be about me living with autism and how it affects me in daily life.

The subject of my column will vary from education to family to stepping out of my comfort zone and how I deal with everyday life situations that might be normal for others but difficult for me.

For me, I hope this column inspires and helps others who are going through the diagnosis or have autism.

It is also for anybody who doesn't really know about autism and wants to learn more.


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