Swindon launching First Zero Waste ‘Nude Food’ Store in Old Town

By Jamie Hill - 15 March 2019

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A group of passionate, environmentally conscientious volunteers, who have been trying to find a location to launch a zero waste shop in Swindon, have secured a launch site inside The Core juice bar in Swindon’s Old Town.

The store-within-a-store model, will include a range of up to 60 dried goods including, among other things, speciality pasta, gluten-free muesli, locally grown quinoa, wholegrain rice, lentils, raw nuts and herbs. 

Core owner, Kris Talikowski said “I fully support this fantastic initiative and I’m proud to offer them free space in The Core to launch their idea. I regularly recommend lots of the products they’ll be selling to my customers and now people can get them from The Core in reusable packaging.”

The group headed by Old Town resident Lesley Chandler, feels passionately that this is a good move for Swindon and a good move for the planet. She said: “In recent years people have become even more aware that our use of plastics is having a detrimental impact on the environment and whilst recycling schemes are in place to tackle some of this waste, a large majority ends up in landfill or oceans around the world. We want to do our bit to save the planet and so a zero waste not-for-profit shop felt like a great first step.”

The group are planning to not only sell dried foods but will also be selling similarly ecological products like bamboo toothbrushes and running education workshops on how to reduce plastic waste.

Zero Waste shops are popping up all over the country, with the closest in Marlborough, Bath and Bristol. 

Swindon’s ‘Nude Foods’ enterprise will be purchasing their food in bulk in reusable sacks, and selling to customers in their own containers, removing the need for packaging. Around 15 volunteers have been involved in the initiative so far and they are looking for more volunteers. 

The group are planning their launch evening on 17th April at The Core at 6pm.

For those wishing to join the movement, Lesley added: “Start saving your containers; takeaway tubs, coffee jars, old plastic bottles. Anything can be used as long as it is reusable, containers will be weighed before and after filling so you’re just paying for the produce you’re buying.”

To join the Swindon Zero Waste Initiative join their facebook group here 


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