Prior Park pupils go to the polls

By Ben Fitzgerald - 8 June 2017


Children at Prior Park Prep School have been learning first-hand about one of the core British Values, democracy, by holding a mock election.

The youngsters, aged 7-13, started work on the project a month ago with the selection of election candidates for each of the five main parties to ensure the children understood a spectrum of political views.

The candidates then prepared their manifestos, each containing three national and two school policies. They presented their policies and took part in a debate during assembly where they had a chance to practice their public speaking skills. Echoing the national election, Prior Park pupils went to the polls, where turnout was a strong 98 per cent. Prior Park School is holding open mornings on Friday 13 October. Register interest on email prep@priorparkschools or call 01793 750 275. From September 2017, Prior Park Prep School will welcome day pupils from 3 to 13 years old Monday to Friday. For further information contact: Charlotte Thursz on 01225 835353

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