Wildcats announce fewer balcony seats following stairwell issue

By Barrie Hudson - 8 September 2023


Swindon Wildcats has reduced the number of balcony seats available for spectators.

The ice hockey team says the change is necessary following the discovery of what it terms a stairwell issue at the Better Link Centre.

A spokesperson said: "We want to inform our fans that we are actively working alongside the Better Link Centre to address this challenge and we hope to find a resolution.

"Sadly this means that approximately 120 seats in the balcony will be unavailable at the start of the 2023/24 season.

"While the reduced seating capacity presents a huge challenge for the club, Swindon Wildcats are committed to getting through this difficult time and creating an unforgettable game night for our fans.

"We ask all supporters to continue attending games and consider opting for standing tickets when the balcony is fully booked. By doing so, it will help us to survive as a club and continue to remain a provider of exciting sporting events in Swindon."

Managing Director Steve Nell said: "Losing 120 seats per game is devastating news for the club and will have critical financial implications. Despite this setback, we want to emphasise that our commitment to keeping the club alive remains our main focus and we are in close collaboration with the Better Link Centre to find a resolution."

The spokesperson added: "We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our fans for their ongoing support and understanding during this challenging period for the club.

"Reduced capacity at the Link Centre will have an impact on us, however, we want to reassure our fans that the Swindon Wildcats remain dedicated to keeping the club and hockey in Swindon alive."

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