Swindon Town FC purring in front of goal

By Alfie Howlett - 22 September 2023


Swindon Link STFC correspondent Alfie Howlett reflects on the latest developments at the County Ground

A team that scores goals will often win more games than not. 

It’s a simple formula and for Michael Flynn it’s an effective formula. To date, Swindon are the highest scorers in the EFL, having already hit five or more goals on three occasions this season.

Town’s prowess in front of goal has already seen many people revalue Swindon’s promotion credentials. It might be too early to think about promotion. But one thing is for sure, Swindon will be leading the way when it comes to entertainment.

After suffering in the dreary silence that was the 2022/23 season, Swindon have been revived and revitalised under the guidance of Flynn. His heavily attacking high pressing football has lifted the dark cloud which was setting over the County Ground. Sporting a three-five-two system, Swindon have been flexible in attack.

One of three defenders, usually Frazer Blake-Tracy or Udoka Godwin-Malife, have license to roam in the attacking half. The wing backs Hutton and Uwakwe take up incredibly high positions on the wing. Then the number 10, Dan Kemp often makes runs into the box in order to make it a three-man attack. Clearly these tactics have been too much for teams to handle.

However, the attacking focus has also seen Town neglect their defensive capabilities. At times Swindon have been easily picked off after getting the balance between attack and defence wrong. And yet I don’t want them to change a detail. This Swindon side is one of the most exciting going forward in recent memory. Sure, it can cost them defensively at times. And make no doubt about it there will be games where they could get blown away by higher quality opposition. And yes, Town will drive you mad at the inconsistencies of passages of play during games.

But if Town were to change, I’m confident their attacking play would suffer and as a result they would become less of a scintillating watch. I understand the argument that being enthralling doesn’t necessarily secure your passage out of the league. However, I don’t mind because football in my mind is an art. And right now, Town are putting on an exhibition.

In the current exhibition the main attraction of the gallery is Jake Young. The 22-year-old forward has already become the main marksman of this Swindon side. At the time of writing Young has a startling nine goals and three assists in just six league games. Form which has seen him race to the top of the scoring charts and earn the League’s player of the month award in the process. Swindon haven’t seen this form from a striker since Eoin Doyle.

And here is the coincidence - like Doyle, Young joined Town on loan from Bradford City. Now the myth goes that lightning never strikes twice. Yet Swindon will be hoping that this myth is busted, because the last time they had a centre forward on loan from The Bantams they of course won the league. Understandably, you can be assured that Bradford will want Young back in this form come January. But that’ll be a bridge navigated at a later date while in the meantime Town benefit from his rich vein of form.

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