Glenn Billing to stay with Wildcats

By Barrie Hudson - 7 February 2024


The Bespoke Guardians Swindon Wildcats have announced that Glenn Billing has extended his contract for two seasons.

This means the British forward will be remaining with the team until at least 2026. 

Glenn is one of the top British players in the National league and his arrival in Swindon last summer was a massive coup for the organisation, only backed up by some incredible on-ice performances so far this campaign.

The 26-year-old is currently on 49 points for the season, which is the third highest on the team only behind Tomasz Malasinski and Aaron Nell. 

Glenn said: “It was a quick and easy decision, I’m really happy to be back and I’m grateful for the opportunity!”

Head Coach Aaron Nell said: "When we signed Glenn we knew what a massive impact he’d have to our organisation and we have only been proved correct. He’s a brilliant hockey player and his hockey IQ is amazing. 

"He’s only 26, and signing him up for two years hopefully means he’ll be here for his prime. 

"I stand by what I said a year ago that he’s one of the best British players in our league and it’s brilliant he feels comfortable enough to commit to at least another two years with us. 

"This deal allows him to focus on his hockey and continuing the superb performances shown since he arrived back in Swindon."

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