Don't Like Going To The Gym? Here's How To Properly Work Out At Home

By Swindon Link - 9 September 2021


Most people work out at the gym because they don't have the time to work out at home. With work, family, and other obligations it can be difficult to find time for a workout routine. However, there are plenty of exercises that you can do in your own home to get in shape! Today you're going to learn how you can work out effectively at home.

Find a workout that fits your needs and schedule

You must find a workout routine that best fits your schedule and needs. If you need to work a full-time job, it is likely difficult for you to wake up early in the morning and workout before work or go straight after work. You must find the type of workout that will fit into your daily activities so that it won't become an inconvenience.



There are many different types of workouts such as running on a treadmill, taking yoga classes (there are even some at night), doing strength training with weights, using exercise bands... The list goes on! Find what's right for you!

Set realistic goals

There are certain limitations when working out at home and the number one mistake that people make is setting goals that are not achievable. The best way to work out at home is by using your own body weight, but this means you will need a lot of energy and the potential for high-intensity workouts without the use of any equipment or machines.


When working out at home it's important to set realistic goals so that you stay motivated throughout your workout routine, even when things get tough. You can start off by doing some simple exercises such as squats and lunges in order to warm up before moving onto other more challenging exercises like press-ups and burpees. 

Get an app that will help you go through the exercises

An app can do wonders for a workout. There is an overwhelming number of apps that can help you go through the exercises while providing important information, from telling you how many reps and sets you have left to counting your steps during running or explaining what each exercise is doing for your body muscles.


If you go to the Play Store it's very likely that you'll find an app that fits you best. Some of them even give nutrition tricks and have multiple apps depending on what you need. The philosophy of the team behind Spartan Apps is that everybody should get a personalized AI coach that best fits their needs. That way, they'll always get help with the goals that they're achieving. 

Buy some equipment for home workout

Even if you're staying at home you must have some equipment to work out. You don't need to have expensive accessories but you must buy some weights, bands or other things that will work as part of your fitness regime at home.


If possible make sure the equipment is easy to use and comes with a manual that will tell you how to work out using it if you don't know yet. Some equipment like dumbbells is pretty cheap so they're worth buying even if they only last a couple of workouts before breaking down because there's no point in spending your money on something that won't work well enough anyway. 


You should look into what fits your budget when making this choice though not all exercises require big investments either way since many small items can work just fine. 


Here's a list of equipment you'll need for a home workout: 


  • dumbbells 

  • barbell 

  • kettlebells 

  • work out ball or swiss ball

  • yoga mat 

  • shoes

  • bar

Create an exercise routine that you can follow consistently

You know your own capabilities so create an exercise routine that you can work out consistently. It's important to work on your endurance and strength because these will help with the rest of your goals in life. You should also work on cardio for cardiovascular health, which is immensely beneficial not only physically but mentally as well!


Different exercises work different muscles so make sure you vary your workouts by alternating between weights and other forms or workouts like jogging/running, hiking, etc., this way all areas get worked equally.


Find an exercise video on Youtube that you like and follow it to get in shape

You'll never feel alone if you have a Youtube channel full of workout videos to follow. YouTube is loaded with exercise channels that feature all different types of workouts and exercises for you to try at home. The great part about working out from an exercise video on youtube is the fact that someone else will be leading you through it so there's no confusion or worries as far as if your form looks correct while performing these exercises. 



Working out from home should not be a chore and you should always look at the benefits. Get some trainers like apps or YouTube channels and stick to them. Make sure you have good equipment and that your workout plan fits your capabilities as well as your schedule. What's important is to be realistic. Good luck getting in shape!


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