People in Swindon Staying Entertained Despite Lockdown with These Top Deals

By Staff Reporter - 18 May 2020


With no end in sight to the current social distancing measures, residents in Swindon are having to come up with new ways of staying entertained. Thankfully a number of companies have come to the rescue with a variety of special offers and promotions that are designed to help people keep occupied while staying safe at home.

We have already revealed how Thames Water has helped customers cut costs during the pandemic, and some of the following schemes and ideas provide people in Swindon with a decent way of entertaining themselves and keeping busy despite the current restrictions.

Gaming together

Many families are now looking at the prospect of spending the long days of summer cooped up indoors. As a result, more people are now looking towards games for a way of keeping the entire family occupied.

We have recently seen many retailers putting on promotions to offer a cut-price way of supplying some gaming entertainment. While Swindon’s Game store on Regent Street is temporarily closed, the brand’s online shop has a number of deals on at the moment. These include being able to get the latest FIFA game for close to half-price, and there are also special offers on selected LEGO games.

There’s also a wide range of game sales for adults happening across popular gaming platforms like Steam and Xbox Store. Free to play titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and have been dominant for years and they’re fun to play with a group of friends. But if you check out Steam Specials page for instance, you’ll find that more than 3,000 games are currently available on sale. This extends to industries like iGaming as well, where leading brands are offering deals and promo offers for players to explore their games and have some fun. The several BetRegal bonus codes currently available are a great example here. If you’re into card games and like to get together occasionally with your friends, offers like the one menitoned above could come in handy.

Virtual tours

While all museums are currently closed, several cultural and historical sites have put on some great virtual tours of their premises. This means that it is now possible to take virtual tours of anywhere from Buckingham Palace to the British Museum while being sat on your sofa in Swindon.

Not to be outdone, even Swindon’s Steam Museum has a virtual tour. This offers a fascinating glimpse into how the Great Western Railway was constructed. With plenty of historical film footage, interactive gaming options and quizzes, the virtual tour shows that there’s plenty of unexplored gems right on our doorsteps.

In addition to this, Longleat has even put on its own virtual safari streaming service on Facebook so that you can enjoy seeing all manner of animals complete with narration by the BBC’s Kate Humble. Obviously, this is no substitute for being able to see the real thing, but it shows that there’s no limit to what we can enjoy and experience from the comfort of our own homes.

Keeping fit at home

Just because we are all confined to our homes doesn’t mean that we should necessarily let ourselves get out of shape. While many people in the nation are keeping fit thanks to pioneering YouTube schemes such as Joe Wicks’ PE workout, it’s been interesting to see that a number of Swindon-based fitness instructors are also putting on their own live-streamed fitness classes.

For example, Swindon Pilates is now hosting live streamed classes throughout the current pandemic. This will use the Zoom video streaming app, and it will cost just £4.50 to join. There will be four online pilates classes per week, and it offers a great way to stay active despite being stuck at home.

If pilates isn’t your thing, then you could join the many people who have signed up to the David Lloyd online fitness classes. These have been running since late March, and they feature several options to get the whole family involved. Don’t forget that DB Max also offers a range of virtual running options that allow you to pick up medals for completing your runs within a certain time.

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