Suzuki Across Review : A quality plug-in

By Jamie Hill - 26 March 2021


By Link motoring correspondent Leigh Robinson

I never thought I would be driving a Suzuki which costs more than £45,000.

Most of their models are under £20,00 but now we have the Suzuki Across, pronounced A-Cross, which comes in at £45,500 at the head of their fleet.

If you think it’s a tad familiar you would be right. It’s practically the same as the Toyota RAV4.

The two Japanese manufacturers have got together and the Across is the first example of their collaboration on the British roads. While they are not identical - they have different styled front ends, different wheels and the steering wheels are separately badged, and that’s about it.

Both the Across and the RAV4 have just one engine and one trim. That means you will be buying a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) with an 18.1kWh battery, 2.5-litre four-cylinder petrol engine, which gives you an impressive electric range, extremely low CO2 emissions and a great hybrid performance and that can give you almost 300 miles to the gallon if you really drive it properly!

This 2.5 litre engine with a 180bhp four-cylinder unit without a turbo means this 300bhp powertrain will give you 0-60mph in six seconds and emits just 22g/km of CO2. Not bad for a five seat family sized SUV which weighs in at almost a couple of tonnes!

There is also 46 miles of range on the battery pack alone and the BIK tax banding is just six per cent.

The Across can run on its electric motors alone at up to 84mph and there are e-motors at each axle, offering a combined 234bhp.

The 490 litre boot is well-equipped with hooks and under-floor stowage and with the seats folded near-flat, space goes up to 1,100 litres.

There’s more than enough space for adults and easy to get three in the back as well with plenty of charging ports and storage cupboards.

When you toddle off to town your economy will be between 60 and 70mpg and that is certainly brilliant.

On the question of tax the Across is on the six per cent band which means that the company car driver will save thousands of pounds a year on a non plug-in competitor.

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