Wiltshire Padel squad make Lawn Tennis Association national finals

By Barrie Hudson - 6 September 2023

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Stars of a fast-emerging racquet sport are to represent Wiltshire in the national finals later this month.

The sport of Padel was invented in Mexico in the 1960s but only began in earnest in Britain in recent years under the Lawn Tennis Association umbrella.

Padel4all in Bassett Down near Swindon has three covered courts and was the location for a recent competition to select a Wiltshire side.

The five who won through are Captain Alicia Hazzard and fellow players Pati De Lucas, Sylvie Darrieumerlou, Sarah Boydon and Laura Pedre, who will be at the LTA National Finals in London on 23 and 24 September.

Ms Darrieumerlou said: "The court is smaller than a tennis court, it is always played in doubles (as a group of four), but the court has glass back and side walls and a fence, allowing the players to engage in far longer rallies than in tennis. 

"It relies more on tactics than strength and power, making it far easier than tennis for men and women to play matches together."

Since November 2020, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has been the national governing body for the sport when it was officially recognised as a discipline of tennis, and this has opened the door for greater recognition, support and funding. 

Enthusiasts says the familiarity of scoring and lack of over arm serve makes Padel more appealing to those intimidated by tennis. 

Ms Darrieumerlou added: "The Swindon ladies are keen to encourage more girls and women of all ages to play Padeland do more sport. They fully support the Femme Open Padel organisation who is enabling more women to take on Padel."



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