Top reasons why Premier League is the best in the world

By Swindon Link - 22 November 2022


The Premier League is without a doubt the best in world football and there are many reasons for that.

This popularity has led to huge viewership numbers with 3.2 billion tuning in to watch live matches every season.

Those familiar with this sport will understand exactly why this league is so popular but newcomers may be perplexed by it. If you’re in the latter category then this is the article for you. Read on to find out the top reasons why the Premier League is the best in the world.

The teams and their star players

The Premier League attracts so many star players due to the wealth and history of the many clubs. These teams include Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and many more. For many fans, the star players become their role models and sporting heroes which leads to them getting football shirts with the players’ names on the back

The managers

The Premier League is fortunate enough to have some of the greatest football managers of all time within it. These managers instil their tactics in the star players which leads to mesmerising football played at times. Some of the stand-out managers include Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.


With so many great players and managers, each year there is a red-hot title race between several teams which makes the games feel much more important. Even fans that don’t support these teams get involved which shows how entertaining it is.

This competitiveness transcends down the whole league too, however, with many of the teams closer to the bottom sometimes defeating the big names. This recently happened with Brentford stunning Manchester City by beating them on their home pitch.


There are so many iconic stadiums throughout the whole of England which add an electric atmosphere to the games you’re watching. Hearing these crowds for 90 minutes will immerse you in the action which makes for even greater viewings. Some of the best stadiums include Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and The Emirates with each holding a huge number of fans.


Footballing aside, the revenue made in the Premier League is huge which proves just how highly rated it is. Watching a game live can cost over £50 in some stadiums and getting the TV rights to this league will cost companies billions of pounds. Everyone knows how great the Premier League is, however, which is why people are happy to pay a lot to watch it or stream it.

As you can see, there are so many reasons why the Premier League is the best in the world. If you’re yet to experience it then get yourself to a game and cheer on your favourite teams!

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